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Manuscript Name Records of The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature
Manuscript Number MSS 011
Last Updated June 2022
Extent 3.43 m (29 boxes)
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Collection of papers relating to the writing, editing and publication of The Oxford companion to Australian literature (OCAL), including correspondence, research, manuscript drafts and page and galley proofs.

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Scope and Content

Collection of papers relating to the writing, editing and publication of The Oxford companion to Australian literature (OCAL), by William H. Wilde, Joy Hooton and Barry Andrews.

The Oxford companion to Australian literature won the 1986 New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards, Special Award, and the 1986 ASAL (Association for the Study of Australian Literature) : A.A. Phillips Award.

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This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

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Preferred Citation

Records of The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 011, Box [Number], Folder [Number]


The collection was acquired in two installments from 1987-2000.


Subject Keywords



Australian literature, Australian literature archives, Australian authors

Personal Names

W. H. Wilde (William Henry)

Joy W. Hooton (Joy Wendy) 1935-

Barry G. Andrews (Barry Geoffrey) 1943-1987




Container List


Box 1

Folder 1 
Correspondence with authors, 1983-1984

Folder 2 
Alphabetical biographical files: The Aborigine in Australian literature

Folder 3 
Alphabetical biographical files: Aboriginal writers

Folder 4 
Alphabetical biographical files: Abdullah, Mena; Adams, David; Adams, Glenda; Adams, Nancy; Adams, Phillip; Adam-Smith, Patsy

Folder 5 
Alphabetical biographical files: Adamson, Bartlett; Adamson, Robert; Adamson, Walter

Folder 6 
Alphabetical biographical files: Afford, Max; Aitchison, Ray; Aitkin, Donald; Akhurst, W.K.; Aldous, Allan; Aldridge, James; Alexander, Alan; Alexander, Frederick

Folder 7 
Alphabetical biographical files: Alexander, Michael; Allan, David; Allan, James Alexander; Allen, Leslie Holdsworth; Alley, Rewi; Amiet, William A.; Australian Natives' Association


Box 2

Folder 8 
Alphabetical biographical files: Anderson, Hugh; Andreoni, Giovanni; Angry Penguins; Angus & Robertson

Folder 9 
Alphabetical biographical files: Annand, Peter; Arneil, Stan; Aronson, Linda; Anthologies; Ashbolt, Allan; Astley, Thea; Auchmuty, James; Aurousseau, Marcel

Folder 10 
Alphabetical biographical files: Awards

Folder 11 
Alphabetical biographical files: Backhouse, Elizabeth; Bail, Murray; Bandler, Faith; Banning, Lex; Bannister, S.F.; Barrett, Charles Leslie; Bassett, Marnie

Folder 12 
Alphabetical biographical files: Bates, Daisy; Bateson, Charles; Batey, Peter; Battersby, Jean; Baume, Eric; Baxter, John

Folder 13 
Alphabetical biographical files: Beadell, Len; Beaglehole, John Cawte; Beasley, Jack; Bechervaise, John; Bedford, Jean; Bedford, Ruth; Beilby, Richard; Bennett, Bruce

Folder 14 
Alphabetical biographical files: Beaver, Bruce


Box 3

Folder 15 
Alphabetical biographical files: Bennett, Stephanie; Bergner, Herz; Berndt, R.M. and C; Bladen, Peter; Blainey, Geoffrey; Blair, Ron; Blewett, Dorothy; Bolton Geoffrey

Folder 16 
Alphabetical biographical files: Blight, John; Blundell, Graeme; Boddy, Michael; Borchardt, D.H.; Bostock, Gerald; Bowes, Joseph

Folder 17 
Alphabetical biographical files: Brabazon, Francis; Bradshaw, Richard; Brady, Tess; Brand, Mona; Brennan, Niall; Brickhill, Paul; Bridges, Hilda; Brinsmead, Hesba; Brisbane, Katherine; Brissenden, R.F.; Brosgarth, Paul; Brown, Carter; Bryson, John

Folder 18 
Alphabetical biographical files: Buckley, Vincent

Folder 19 
Alphabetical biographical files: Buckmaster, Charles; Buddee, Paul; Bulcock, Emily; Bulldozen booklets; Burke, Colleen; Burmester, Clifford; Burns, Joanne; Burstall, Tim; Butler, Richard

Folder 20 
Alphabetical biographical files: Burchett, Wilfred

Folder 21 
Alphabetical biographical files: Buzo, Alexander

Folder 22 
Alphabetical biographical files: Calthorpe, Mena; Campbell, Ross; Campion, Edmund; Campion, Sarah; Cannon, Michael; Carew, Elsie; Carey, Peter; Casey, Gavin; Catalano, Gary


Box 4

Folder 23 
Alphabetical biographical files: Cato, Nancy; Charlwood, Don; Chisholm, A.R.; Christesen, C.B.; Clancy, Laurie; Clark, Mavis Thorpe; Clark, Robert; Clark, Russell; Cleary, Jon

Folder 24 
Alphabetical biographical files: Close, Robert; Cobley, John; Cobley, Margaret V.; Cole, Brian; Colebatch, Hal; Coleman, Peter; Compton, Jennifer; Coombs, H.C.; Cottrell, Dorothy; Couani, Anna; Counihan, Noel; Couper, J.M.; Cowan, Peter; Cox, Erle; Craig, Alexander; Crawford, Hector; Crick, Donald

Folder 25 
Alphabetical biographical files: Croll, Robert Henderson; Croyston, John; Cumpston, Amy; Cunnington, Vivian; Currency Press; Cusack, Dymphna; D'Alpuget, Blanche; Davis, Beatrice; Davis, Jack; Deamer, Dulcie; De Boissiere, Ralph; Deeble, Russell

Folder 26 
Alphabetical biographical files: Depasquale, Paul; Derricourt, William; Devaney, James; Devanny, Jean; Dick, William; Dickins, Barry; Diesendorf, Margaret; Dixson, Miriam; Dobson, Rosemary

Folder 27 
Alphabetical biographical files: Drake-Brockman, Henrietta; Dransfield, Michael; Dream and disillusion : a search for Australian cultural identity, by David Walker

Folder 28 
Alphabetical biographical files: Drewe, Robert; Drover; Dudley, Arthur; Dugan, Michael; Duggan, Laurie; Dunn, Max; Dunstan, Keith; Durack, Mary; Dutton, Geoffrey; Edwards, Hugh

Folder 29 
Alphabetical biographical files: Edwards, Ronald George; Elisha, Ron; Ellis, Havelock; Ellis, Malcolm Henry; Emery, John; Enright, Nick; Epstein , June; Eriksen, Ray; Ercole, Velia; Ewers, John K.

Folder 30 
Alphabetical biographical files: Fairbridge, Wolfe; Farjeon, Benjamin L.; Farmer, Beverley; Fatchen, Max; Faust, Clive; Ferguson, George; Finnin, Mary; Fitzgerald, Robert D.


Box 5

Folder 31 
Alphabetical biographical files: Fitzhardinge, Laurence Frederic; Fitzpatrick, Brian; Fitzpatrick, Kathleen; Flowers, Pat and Cedric; Forbes, John; Forbes, William

Folder 32 
Alphabetical biographical files: Forrest, David; Forshaw, Thelma; Fox, Len; Franklin, Miles; Friendly Street; Gallagher, Katherine; Bill Gammage

Folder 33 
Alphabetical biographical files: Gare, Nene; Garner, Helen; Gaskin, Catherine; Gellert, Leon; Gilbert, Kevin; Giles, Barbara; Ginsburg, Reba; Glaskin, Gerald; Gold; Goldsworthy, Peter; Goodge, W.T.; Gooding, Tim; Goodwin, Kenneth

Folder 34 
Alphabetical biographical files: Gore, Stuart; Grano, Paul; Grattan, C. Hartley; Gray, Oriel; Gray, Robert; Greer, Germaine; Gunn, Aeneas; Gunn, John; Gurr, Robin; Hackett, Patricia

Folder 35 
Alphabetical biographical files: Hackston, James; Hadgraft, Cecil; Hadow, Lyndall; Haese, Richard; Haley, Martin; Hall, Geraldine; Hall, Ken; Hammial, Philip; Handford, Nourma; Harding, Lee; Harris, Max; Harris, Robert; Harris, Rolfe; Harrower, Elizabeth; Harrower, Gwen; Hart, Kevin

Folder 36 
Alphabetical biographical files: Harwood, Gwen and Hart-Smith, William

Folder 37 
Alphabetical biographical files: Hasluck, Nicholas; Hasluck, Paul; Hatfield, William; Hellyer, Jill; Hemensley, Kris; Hepworth, John; Hewett, Dorothy; Hibberd, Jack; Higgins, Bertram; Hill, Barry

Folder 38 
Alphabetical biographical files: Hemisphere


Box 6

Folder 39 
Alphabetical biographical files: Hill, Ernestine; Holmes, Charles; Holt, Edgar; Hooley, E.T.; Hopegood, Peter; Horne, Donald; Howarth, R.G.; Huber, Therese; Hungerford, T.A.G.

Folder 40 
Alphabetical biographical files: Hughes, Robert; Hunt, Hugh; Hunter Valley Poets; Hutchinson, Garrie; Hyett, Jack; Iggulden, John; Innes, Michael (John James Mackintosh Stewart)

Folder 41 
Alphabetical biographical files: Ingamells, Rex; Irvin, Eric; James, Brian; James, Clive; James, Francis; Jefferis, Barbara; Jenkins, John; Jackman, William

Folder 42 
Alphabetical biographical files: Jennings, Kate; Johnson, Colin; Jones, Evan; Jones, Rae Desmond; Jones, T.H.; Jurgensen, Manfred; Jury, C.R.

Folder 43 
Alphabetical biographical files: Kahan, Louis; Kavanagh, Paul; Keesing, Nancy; Kefala, Antigone; Kelleher, Victor; Kelly, Gwen; Keneally, Thomas; Kenny, Robert; Kerr, Donald; Kershaw, Alister; Kings Cross; Kirsop, Wallace; Kitson, Viv; Knox, James

Folder 44 
Alphabetical biographical files: Koch, Christopher; Knowles, M.M.; Krausmann, Rudi; Krauth, Nigel; Kynaston, Edward; Lake, David; Lang, John Dunmore; Lang, John George; Langford, Gary; Langley, Eve; Lawson, Elizabeth; Lawson, Sylvia; Lee, Gerald; Liverani, Mary

Folder 45 
Alphabetical biographical files: Lehmann, Geoffrey; Literature Board; 'The lost child in Australian fiction', by John Scheckter

Folder 46 
Alphabetical biographical files: MacCallum, Mungo; MacIntyre, Elisabeth; Mackaness, George; Macklin, Robert; Maiden, Jennifer; Makar


Box 7

Folder 47 
Alphabetical biographical files: Malouf, David; Manifold, John; Mann, Cecil; Mann, Leonard; Mann, Philip G.; Manning, Frederic

Folder 48 
Alphabetical biographical files: Marshall, Alan; Martin, David; Martin, Philip; Mass, Nuri; Matthews, Christopher

Folder 49 
Alphabetical biographical files: Mathers, Peter; McCullough, Colleen; McCrae, Hugh; McCuiag, Ronald

Folder 50 
Alphabetical biographical files: McDonald, Nan; McDonald, Roger; McLeon, Alan; McNally, Ward; McNicoll, David; Melba, Dame Nellie (Helen Porter Armstrong); Meredith, Gwen; Meredith, John; Merritt, Robert; Michell, Keith; Milgate, Rodney; Millett, John

Folder 51 
Alphabetical biographical files: Mitchell, Elyne; Moffitt, Ian; Moll, E.G.; Moore, Tom Inglis; Morrison, Alistair; Morrison, John; Morrison, R.H.; Mudie, Ian; Muir, Marcie; Murnane, Gerald; Murphy, Peter

Folder 52 
Alphabetical biographical files: Modern poetry

Folder 53 
Alphabetical biographical files: Murray, Les


Box 8

Folder 54 
Alphabetical biographical files: Nelson, Jeremy; Nicholson, Joyce; Nielsen, Philip; Niland, D'Arcy; Norman, Lilith; Oakley, Barry; O'Connor, Mark; O'Grady, Desmond

Folder 55 
Alphabetical biographical files: O'Leary, P.I. (Patrick Ignatius); Page, Geoff; Parker, K. Langloh; Patchett, Mary E.; Pell, Olive; Perry, Grace; Phelan, Nancy; Phillips, A.A.; Phillips, Charles Walter; Phipson, Joan; Pike, Douglas; Pizer, Marjorie; Poignant, Axel; Powell, Craig; Powers, John; Praed, Rosa; Pringle, Douglas

Folder 56 
Alphabetical biographical files: Porter, Hal

Folder 57 
Alphabetical biographical files: Porter, Peter

Folder 58 
Alphabetical biographical files: Queensland writers; Radic, Leonard; Radic, Thérèse; Radley, Paul; Read, Herbert; Rees, Leslie; Ribush, Dolia; Riddell, Elizabeth

Folder 59 
Alphabetical biographical files: Roberts, Barney; Roberts, Philip; Robertson, Nigel; Robinson, Roland; Rodriguez, Judith; Rolls, Eric; Ronan, Tom; Roughsey, Dick; Rowbotham, David; Rowe, John; Rowland, John; Ruhen, Olaf; Ryan, Peter; Sansom, Clive

Folder 60 
Alphabetical biographical files: Santamaria, B.A.; Schlunke, E.O.; Serle, Geoffrey; Serle, Percival; Seymour, Alan; Shakespeare and Australia; Shapcott, Tom; Shaw, Bruce; Shearer, Jill

Folder 61 
Alphabetical biographical files: Science fiction


Box 9

Folder 62 
Alphabetical biographical files: Shearing poetry; Shearston, Trevor; Sidney, Neilma; Simpson, R.A.; Skrzynecki, Peter; Skinner, Mollie; Sladen, Douglas; Small presses

Folder 63 
Alphabetical biographical files: Small magazines

Folder 64 
Alphabetical biographical files: Smith, Bernard; Smith, Vivian; Souter, Gavin; Spence, Catherine; Stead, Christina; Stephens, A.G.; Stephensen, P.R.; Stevens, Bertram

Folder 65 
Alphabetical biographical files: Stewart, Douglas; Stewart, Harold; Stivens, Dal; Strauss, Jennifer

Folder 66 
Alphabetical biographical files: Stuart, Donald; Summers, Anne; Talbot, Norman; Thiele, Colin; Thompson, Tom; Throssell, Ric; Thorne, Tim; Thwaites, Michael; Tranter, John

Folder 67 
Alphabetical biographical files: Trollope, Anthony; Tsaloumas, Dimitris; Turner, Ethel; Turner, George; Vickers, F.B.; Viidikas, Vicki; Vidal, Mary Theresa; Upfield, Arthur

Folder 68 
Alphabetical biographical files: Unaipon, David; Noonuccal, Oodgeroo (Walker, Kath); Wallace-Crabbe, Chris; Wallace-Crabbe, Robin; Wannan, Bill; Ward, Russel

Folder 69 
Alphabetical biographical files: Wearne, Alan; Webb, Elizabeth; West, Morris; Western Australian literature; Wilkes, G.A.; Wilkie, Douglas; Williams, Justina; Williams, Maslyn; Winton, Tim; Women; Wongar, B. (Streten Bozic); Woodberry, Joan; Wollaston, Edward G.; Wollaston, T.C.; Wood, George Arnold; Wood, Thomas; Woolley, John; Woolley, Pat; Woolls, William; Wren, John; Wright, Arthur; Wrightoon, Patricia; Wright, David McKee; Wyatt, Geoff


Box 10

Folder 70 
Alphabetical biographical files: Webb, Francis

Folder 71 
Alphabetical biographical files: Yarrington, W.H.H.; Yeldham, Peter; Young, William; Young, Keith Douglas; Young, Edith; Young, Florence; Yorick Club, Melbourne; Youth; Zillman, J.H.L.; Zwicky, Fay

Folder 72-77 
Miscellaneous biographical notes and drafts of articles for selected authors and subjects


Box 11

Folder 78-81 
Miscellaneous biographical notes and edited entries

Folder 82 
Barry Humphries; literary prizes and societies

Folder 83-85 
1st annotated typescript draft: A


Box 12

Folder 86-88 
1st annotated typescript draft: B

Folder 89-91 
1st annotated typescript draft: C

Folder 92 
1st annotated typescript draft: D

Folder 93 
1st annotated typescript draft: E


Box 13

Folder 94 
1st annotated typescript draft: F

Folder 95 
1st annotated typescript draft: G

Folder 96-98 
1st annotated typescript draft: H

Folder 99 
1st annotated typescript draft: I and J

Folder 100 
1st annotated typescript draft: K


Box 14

Folder 101 
1st annotated typescript draft: L

Folder 102-104 
1st annotated typescript draft: M

Folder 105 
1st annotated typescript draft: N

Folder 106 
1st annotated typescript draft: O and Q

Folder 107 
1st annotated typescript draft: P

Folder 108 
1st annotated typescript draft: R


Box 15

Folder 109-110 
1st annotated typescript draft: S

Folder 111 
1st annotated typescript draft: T

Folder 112 
1st annotated typescript draft: U, V, Y and Z

Folder 113-114 
1st annotated typescript draft: W

Folder 115-116 
Correspondence and editorial queries from Editorial and Publishing Consultancy Services


Box 16

Folder 117-122 
Correspondence and editorial queries from Editorial and Publishing Consultancy Services

Folder 123-124 
Page proofs: A


Box 17

Folder 125 
Page proofs: A

Folder 126-129 
Page proofs: B

Folder 130-132 
Page proofs: C


Box 18

Folder 133-134 
Page proofs: D

Folder 135 
Page proofs: E

Folder 136-137 
Page proofs: F

Folder 138 
Page proofs: G

Folder 139-140 
Page proofs: H


Box 19

Folder 141 
Page proofs: I and J

Folder 142 
Page proofs: K

Folder 143-144 
Page proofs: L

Folder 145-147 
Page proofs: M

Folder 148 
Page proofs: N


Box 20

Folder 149 
Page proofs: O

Folder 150 
Page proofs: P

Folder 151 
Page proofs: P and Q

Folder 152-153 
Page proofs: R

Folder 154-156 
Page proofs: S


Box 21

Folder 157-158 
Page proofs: T

Folder 159 
Page proofs: U and V

Folder 160-161 
Page proofs: W

Folder 162 
Page proofs: Y and Z

Folder 163 
Headwords list

Folder 164-165 
Corrections; style notes; preface drafts


Box 22

Folder 166-167 
Correspondence with Oxford University Press, 1977-1987

Folder 168 
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1979-1987

Folder 169 
Reviews and advertising flyer, 1985-1987

Folder 170 
Material from book display

Folder 171 
Index cards (incomplete)


Folio 23

Folder 172 
Corrected galley proofs


Folio 24

Folder 173 
Corrected galley proofs


Folio 25

Folder 174 
Corrected galley proofs


Folio 26

Folder 175 
Corrected galley proofs


Folio 27

Folder 176 
Corrected galley proofs


Folio 28

Folder 177 
Corrected galley proofs


Folio 29

Folder 178 
Corrected galley proofs and poster