The Australians at War Film Archive (AAWFA)

The Australians at War Film Archive is a significant online historical archive. It includes interviews with two thousand Australians who participated, in one way or another, in World War One, World War Two, the Occupation of Japan, the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Konfrontasi, the Vietnam War, Gulf War 1, the War against Terror and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Interviews were also conducted with military personnel who served on the UN and other operations in places such as the Sinai, Israel, Kashmir, Cambodia, Rwanda, Somalia, Bougainville and East Timor, along with Defence Force operations after the Rabaul tidal wave, the bombings in Bali and the Indonesian tsunami.

Every interview is transcribed and is full text-searchable. In addition, the interview teams filmed still photographs of each person on their interview day as well as still photographs and artefacts they owned. In this way, users of the Archive can examine a collection of words and pictures unique to each individual interviewee.

The Australians at War Film Archive was commissioned through the Department of Veterans' Affairs and is not only a diverse and exhaustive collection of personal, military histories, but a remarkable, historical resource of information about Australian social and cultural life.