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Manuscript Name Papers of Simon MacDonald 
Manuscript Number MSS 244
Last Updated June 2021
Extent 7 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Correspondence, manuscript drafts, photographs, press clippings, and paperwork related to Simon MacDonald, Charles Buckmaster and Wildgrass Books

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Scope and Content

The papers of Simon MacDonald consist of correspondence, photographs, press clippings, paperwork and drafts of manuscripts relating to author, editor and publisher Simon MacDonald and poet Charles Buckmaster. A large component of the material is related to MacDonald’s editing and publishing work, including the magazine Magnet, and Wildgrass Books publications such as LJ Hartnett’s Big Wheels and Little Wheels (1973), Graham Henderson’s Anguish of Departure, (1979) and Kevin Brophy’s Getting Away With It (1982).

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Biographical Note

Simon MacDonald was born in Melbourne in 1951 and educated at Monash University, Deakin University and RMIT. In 1970 he met Charles Buckmaster through La Mama poets, with whom he formed a close friendship for the last two years of Buckmaster’s life, later editing and publishing a collection of Buckmaster’s work in 1989. In 1971, MacDonald was editor of the first issue of poetry magazine Magnet, and later founded Wildgrass Books. His own published works include poetry and reviews as well as a children’s book entitled Qwerty, the Computer (1983)

Austlit : Simon MacDonald retrieved 22 June 2020


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Separated Material

Published items catalogued separately in the Academy Library collection: 

Cashing In by Cornelis Vleeskens, mini novel

Quadrant, April, 1984, no. 199, vol. XXVIII, No. 4

Lamella Distribution Book Catalogue (Richard Tipping file)


Subject Keywords



Simon MacDonald, 1951- — Archives

Charles Buckmaster, 1951-1972 — Archives

Australian poetry — 20th century

Publishers and publishing – Archives

Personal Names

Simon MacDonald, 1951-

Charles Buckmaster, 1951-1972

Corporate Names

Wildgrass Books

La Mama






Container List


Box 1

Folder 1
'The Balance' - draft

Folder 2
Correspondence to Ian Robertson from Charles Buckmaster

Folder 3
Correspondence to Ian Robertson from Charles Buckmaster

Folder 4
'Magnet' - verse, prose, correspondence, notes

Folder 5
Buckmaster manuscript

Folder 6
Charles Buckmaster : Negative of photograph by VSL, Buckmaster from AustralianThe Lost Forest by Charles Buckmaster, book of verse; 'Death Dance of the Ancient Britons', 'Am I Dead / or only Faintly Breathing in the Dark', 'Solitude : a Song for Gruyere', 'Half Way Down' - verse (only remaining copy - set by linotype method, 1974. Printed on single sheet-fed platen by Simon MacDonald); Collected Poems by Charles Buckmaster, proof

Folder 7
Charles Buckmaster : Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature, University of Queensland - entries to index of material in periodicals relating to Charles Buckmaster; Deep Blue and Green, poems by Charles Buckmaster; Early Poetry by Charles Buckmaster; correspondence - Mabel and Jack Buckmaster, Andrew Donald, Simon MacDonald / Robert Adamson; Charles Buckmaster / Andrew Donald


Box 2

Folder 8
Correspondence regarding Charles Buckmaster Poetry Prize, 1986
Formwork, pamphlet, used parts catalogue, accounts, miscellanea - 'Locator' contract forms

Folder 9
Philip Opas : The Law has Long Ears and The Great Ring-In
Correspondence, clippings, accounts
The Law has Long Ears : formwork proof; correspondence - Philip Opas / Simon MacDonald

Folder 10
The Great Ring-In : correspondence - Philip Opas / Simon MacDonald; press clippings; accounts; order forms; 'Collected Works Distribution'; miscellaneous correspondence

Folder 11
Big Wheels and Little Wheels by Sir Laurence Hartnett - correspondence

Folder 12
Sir Laurence Hartnett - photographs (two of himself and one of Hartnett Sedan 19s and Science Museum of Victoria)
Correspondence Open Road

Folder 13
Big Wheels and Little Wheels by Sir Laurence Hartnett - correspondence and accounts

Folder 14
Big Wheels and Little Wheels by Sir Laurence Hartnett - correspondence and accounts
Microfiche - (1/4) pp 1-83, (2/4) pp 84-175, (3/4) pp 174-269, (4/4) pp 270-336


Box 3

Folder 15
Press clippings and reviews : Big Wheels and Little Wheels; The Great Ring-In and Getting Away With It

Folder 16
Cornelis Vleeskens - 'Cashing In', mini novel : proofs; accounts; correspondence and drafts (two)

Folder 16a
Rubber stamp - 'Cashing In'

Folder 17
Charles Buckmaster - Collected Poetry : poetry; correspondence; clipping

Folder 18
Charles Buckmaster : correspondence; photographs; cover art

Folder 19
Charles Buckmaster - Collected Poetry : drafts of poetry

Folder 20
Correspondence - Mrs C and Dr JL Lassez
Photocopy 'The Infant Cry' - a spectographic and auditory analysis (Clinics in Development Medicine No. 2)

Folder 21
Directory of Australian Pictorial Resources - draft
Correspondence and notes - Mari Davis, Hilary Boyce


Box 4

Folder 22
Designs - Derek Holten
Correspondence - Lesley, Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennesee, USA (wrapping paper, fabric, wallpaper)
Lilydale Shire : history 'Billanook Country'; tender; quotation for printing

Folder 23
Polygonal Publishing House : correspondence, catalogue
Balbin / Lecot : ' Logic Programming ', correspondence

Folder 24
Wildgrass Books : stationery samples; advertising and promotion material

Folder 25
John Carroll - Token Soldiers :
Correspondence; accounts; reviews; 'Terms of Agreement'

Folder 26
Mal Morgan - Statues Don't Bleed :
manuscript draft; galley proof No. 1; accounts and correspondence

Folder 27
Charles Newman - Barney Bracken and Friends :
correspondence, orders, accounts, reviews; book contract; sales records and photograph


Box 5

Folder 28
Richard Tipping - Postcard project : correspondence, poetry, notes; postcards; photographs
'VIRCAL in Australia': - correspondence; Directory of British Photographic Collections; Directory of Art Libraries and Visual Resource Collections in North America; questionnaire; census paper 'Library Services in Australia'

Folder 29
Graham Henderson - Anguish of Departure : manuscript drafts 'The Ice'; 'Fleischman'; correspondence

Folder 30
Anguish of Departure - manuscript draft

Folder 31
Anguish of Departure - galley proof

Folder 32
Montsalvat Poetry Festival and Anthology : poetry; correspondence; clippings

Folder 33
Greg Flattley and Mike Williams - manuscripts, short stories : 'Dum Diddly Ar Da Drop Dead' and 'I Know Your Girlfriend'; correspondence; telex; galley proofs

Folder 34
Kevin Brophy - Getting Away With It : correspondence

Folder 35
Kevin Brophy - Getting Away With It : correspondence; galley proof


Box 6

Folder 36
Drew Gregory, Simon MacDonald, Peter Kane - Qwerty the Computer : photographs; negatives; correspondence; background notes

Folder 37
Drew Gregory, Simon MacDonald - Qwerty the Computer : meeting reports; clippings; correspondence

Folder 38
Drew Gregory, Simon MacDonald - Qwerty the Computer : galley proofs, review

Folder 39
Papers : Tax; Accounting; Projections; Sales Sheets; Profit and Loss

Folder 40
Papers : Accounts; Sales Sheets - Wildgrass Books

Folder 41
Marc Radzyner - poetry : 'The Burning of the Roots', manuscript

Folder 42
Wildgrass Books : business papers; cards; notes

Folder 42a
Clippings : The Great Ring-In by Philip Opas and Big Wheels and Little Wheels by Sir Laurence Hartnett


Box 7

Folder 43
Big Wheels and Little Wheels by Sir Laurence Hartnett, third edition - photographs used in production (42)

Folder 44
'Requiem - Mass for the Repose of the Dead' (Inferno - Canto XXVIII), Theatre Research Group
Correspondence : regarding - Buckmaster book; Token SoldiersThe Plate Lickers; Heart on the Line; Balbin / Lecot - Logic Programming, includes book cover; to - Randall Beek from Kevin Brophy

Folder 45
Wildgrass Press miscellanea

Folder 46
Publicity, drafts / proofs, clippings : Qwerty the Computer, Big Wheels and Little Wheels; Getting Away With It; Statues Don't Bleed

Folder 47
Proofs, colour plates Barney Bracken