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Manuscript Name Papers of Jenny Boult
Manuscript Number MSS 030
Last Updated August 2021
Extent 41 boxes 2 oversize 1 plan cab 6 AV boxes 2 reels 
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Poetry, correspondence, drafts, pamphlets, newsletters, and audiovisual material relating to Jenny Boult

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content 

This collection relates to Jenny Boult, also known as Magenta Maria Loveday Bliss (MML Bliss).

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Jenny Boult was born in Warwickshire, England in 1951, migrating to Western Australia with her family in 1967. In the mid 1970s she was involved in setting up the Friendly St Poets in Adelaide at the Box Factory. In 1994 she moved to Tasmania with her long-time friend and partner. She won the Salamanca Fringe Festival prizes for poetry and fiction in 1995 and appeared at the Tasmanian Writers’ Festival, Montsalvat (Victoria) Hard Times Café and Tasmanian Poetry Festival, Launceston.

In 1999 Jenny Boult changed her name to Magenta Bliss and wrote as MML Bliss

Jenny Boult died in November 2005.

Poems, stories and plays by Jenny Boult and MML Bliss have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies in Australia and overseas. Jenny Boult's works have been translated into several languages.

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Administrative Information


Access and Copying Conditions

Access: Open Access

This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

Copying: Copying of material authored by Jenny Boult for private study and research is approved. 



Preferred Citation

Papers of Jenny Boult, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 030, Box [Number], Folder [Number].



The collection was acquired from Jenny Boult between 1987 and 1994.



Subject Keywords



Poetry, plays, prose, scripts.


Personal Names

Jenny Boult, MML Bliss 1951 -2005
MML Bliss

Corporate Names

Friendly Street Poets


Poet, playwright

Container List 


Box 1

Folder 1

Correspondence, 1983 - 85.

Typed poetry, 1983.


Correspondence, 1981, 1984 - 87.

Miscellaneous pamphlets, flyers.

Typed poetry and handwritten drafted poetry.

Folder 3

Writers file: Correspondence 1985.

Miscellaneous pamphlets, flyers.


Writers file: Information sheets from Adelaide Festival Centre and the

Australian Council.

Typed poetry.

Miscellaneous pamphlets, flyers, magazines and newspaper clippings.


Correspondence, 1983 -84.



Correspondence, 1985.

Miscellaneous posters, pamphlets, flyers.

Photocopies of magazine clippings.


Correspondence, 1985.

Miscellaneous flyers.

Network Newsletter 1985.

Draft handwritten poem.


Correspondence, 1985 - 6.

Typed poetry ‘Poems for a Convalescent Friend’.

Photocopy of magazine The Maniac’s Missive’ 1983.

Network Newsletter 1986.

Miscellaneous pamphlets, typed poetry and flyers.


Correspondence: 1980 - 82, 1987.

Newspaper clippings.

Photocopies of a hand.


Box 2

Folder 10       

Synopsis on 12 Poems about motherhood, a video tape by Jenny Boult.

Typed poetry about motherhood with ink annotations.

Correspondence, 1979 - 80.

Typed poetry by Rae Desmond Jones with annotations, 1979.

Miscellaneous flyers and newsletters.

Folder 11        

Correspondence, 1980 - 84.

Artwork by Daniel Boult.

Handwritten poetry.

Typed introduction to ‘Bruce Dawe’s Poetry’.

Handwritten poetry by children.

Miscellaneous flyers, newsletters.

Folder 12

Correspondence, 1978 - 83.

Folder 13        

Performance poetry. November 5 - 10, 1985.

Correspondence, 1985.

Folder 14        

Script three: ‘The Players’, script, typed with pen annotations.

Alcoholics Story, typed.

Transcription from notes, typed 3/83.

Script with suggestion for presentation, typed.

Folder 15        

‘Plunge’ scripts, 1985, file: Correspondence 1983 -85.

2 copies: ‘Bitter Surrender - An Adoption Perspective’, first draft of script

treatment, January 1985, typed with annotations.

‘Bitter Surrender - An Adoption Experience’, script treatment.

Two young mothers personal recollections of the adoption experience, typed.

Jenny Boult’s curriculum vitae.

Folder 16        

‘The Dinner Party’ draft, handwritten.

‘The Dinner at Six - A drama in 6 acts by Jenny Boult’ typed script.

Folder 17        

‘Cabaret’, script, 1985.

Folder 18        

‘The Stranger and The Storm’, manuscript.


Box 3

Folder 19        

‘Come Out’, 1985.

Folder 20        

After The Rage, script.

Folder 21        

Allwrite (pamphlet), news articles, Writing in the community (pamphlet).

The Hotel Anonymous.

Folder 22        

‘Screaming Suitcase’, manuscript.

‘Pearls’, manuscript.

Folder 23        


Folder 24        

‘On Darlinghunt Hill’, a poem by Paul Knobel.

Folder 25        

Two rubber stamps.

Folder 26        

‘Myths and Legends of the People of Islita - AA.’

Folder 27        

‘Myths and Legends of the People of Islita’, handwritten notes.

Folder 28        

‘The Weatherworker’, manuscript.

‘Shaken’, manuscript.


Box 4

Folder 29        

Can’t Help Dreaming, 1981, 3 draft copies with pen and pencil annotations.

Miscellaneous newspaper clipping and flyer.


Folder 30        

All out Ensemble, program and flyers, 1981.

Typed poetry, various.

Artlink, magazine 1981.

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings 1981.                                  

Drawings and story by Daniel Boult

Poetry about a mural by various poets.

Folder 31        

‘Ambitions’, typed sequence of monologues.

‘A Poet dreams in Alice Springs’ typed selection of poetry. 1983.

Folder 32        

‘Beyond this Morning’, typed manuscript.

Folder 33        

‘The Resurrection of Love’, 2 copies of typed manuscript.

Folder 34        

‘Images on a brick wall’, 3 copies: master, carbon, copy 4.

Folder 35        

Original scripts: ‘Inheritance’; ‘The Weatherworker’.

Folder 36        

Original scripts: ‘The Birth of the Century’; ‘The Hotel Panic (2 copies)’;

‘Trade’; ‘The Guru and Zen Capitalism’; ‘Strips’; ‘Looking for the Good

Times’; ‘Platform eighteen at ten to one’; ‘Reveries’; ‘Fear’; ‘Five scenes

from an ongoing nightmare’.


Box 5

Folder 37        

Original typed scripts: ‘Beyond this morning’; ‘Esmerelda’; ‘Life in the Fast


Supporting material - Kate Veitch: ‘The Hotel Panic’, ‘Weathercock Up’,    

‘The Ticket-Seller’, ‘Rosa Negra’, ‘Shadows on the Plain’.



Folder 38        

The Comedy of Sad, 3 different versions of typed manuscript with pencil annotations on ‘Maddo Who?’, history of script included. 1981, 1984.

Folder 39        

Flight 39, three typed draft copies, one with pencil annotations. 1985.

Folder 40        

Handwritten poem to Jenny.

Jenny Boult biography, 1981.

Folder 41        

Poetry – 1982.

Folder 42        

Poetry - 1983.

Folder 43        

Poetry - 1980.

Folder 44        

Poetry - 1981.


Box 6

Folder 45        

Poetry - 1979, typed with pen annotations.

Folder 46        

Poetry - 1979, typed with pen annotations.

Folder 47        

Poetry - 1984, typed with pen annotations.

Folder 48        

‘Dead’ Poetry - 1978 - 79, typed with pen annotations.

Folder 49        

‘Dead’ Poetry - 1978 - 79, typed with pen annotations.

Folder 50        

Three small spiral notebooks, handwritten, 1983.

Folder 51        

4 exercise books containing handwritten author’s notes, 1983.

Folder 52        

Five exercise books containing handwritten author’s notes, 1980, 1984-85.


Box 7

Folder 53        

Six exercise books, personal.

Folder 54        

Notebook, 1984-85, ideas and personal.

Folder 55        

1985 Diary.

Folder 56        

1980 Assembly book, newspaper clippings and poetry.

Folder 57        

Two docket books.

1983 Diary.

One notebook, personal 1983.

Folder 58        

Two notebooks, 1982-83.

1982 Australian Women’s Diary.

Folder 59        

Two notebooks, personal 1984-85.

Folder 60        

Diary 1984.

Notebook 1981.


Box 8

Folder 61        

Writers in Residence.

Folder 62        

Writers in Residence.

Folder 63        

Writers in Residence.

Folder 64        

Mobile poetry workshop, writers workshop.

Folder 65        

Arts Grants Advisory Committee of South Australia.

Folder 66        

Literature Board/ Australia Council, Tasmania.

Writers Festival.

Folder 67        

Poets Biographies.

Folder 68        

Reference/Biography sheets.


Box 9

Folder 69        

Lecture notes.

Folder 70        

Workshops: Kaniva Consolidated School; Murraylane College of T.A.F.E;

Kidman Park Primary School.

Folder 71        

Prose - 1980.

Folder 72        

Prose - 1981 - 1982.

Folder 73        

Short stories.

Folder 74        

Prose - undated.

Folder 75        

Prose - 1983 - 84.

Folder 76        

’The Eavesdropper’ [drama] 1982 - typescript photocopy with ink annotations    

’Dialogue After Danger’ [drama] 1984 - typescript photocopies x 2


Box 10

Folder 77        

Published Poetry.

Folder 78        

Assorted works (handwritten notes).

Folder 79        

Assorted works (handwritten notes).

Folder 80        

Assorted originals (handwritten).

Folder 81        

Current drafts and assorted papers.

Folder 82        

Assorted drama drafts - 1985.

Folder 83        

Assorted prose.

Folder 84        

Assorted poetry


Box 11

Folder 85        

Highway One, 2 copies.

Folder 86        

Wind in Her Fingers.

Folder 87        

‘A Poet Dreaming in Alice Springs’.   

Book II, Visions of the Mother.

Folder 88        

Correspondence, reviews performed at the Red Shed Theatre, Adelaide, 1984,

for the Full House production of: Maddo Harley Died Last Night [drama] - typescript photocopy

’Shaken’ [drama], pt. 1

Miscellaneous book reviews

Folder 89        

Maddo Harley Died Last Night [drama] & ’Shaken’ [drama] - door receipts, budget details, correspondence, press release, pt. 2

Folder 90        

‘Straag’s Leave’; ‘Country and City’; ‘Lolita’; ‘Kids Story’and other Poetry.

Folder 91        

‘Shaken’ x4 copies

Folder 92        

‘The Contortionists’, ‘Band One’, 1985.

Folder 93        

Toots and Saga - 1985, ‘The Contortionists’ - 2 copies.


Box 12

Folder 94        

Review of The White Rose and the Bath, pt. 1

Folder 95        

The White Rose and the Bath, pt. 2

Folder 96        

The White Rose and the Bath, pt. 3

Folder 97        

Drafts 1983 - 84.

M.R.C poem - May 1984.

Folder 98        

Original typescripts: ‘Life on the Fast  Lane’; ‘The Termind Buffet’; ‘Beyond this Morning’; ‘Lovers Live in Each Others Arms’; ‘The Handicap’; ‘The Hotel Panic’; ‘Platform 18 at Ten to One’; ‘Esmerelda’; ‘Looking for the Good Time’; ‘Strips’.

Folder 99        

Original typescripts:‘Shelter’; ‘Four Vignettes’; ‘Fear’; ‘The Guru and Zen Capitalism’; ‘Trade’; ‘The Birth of the Century’; ‘Control’.

Folder 100      

Poetry - 1979, multiple copies.

Folder 101      

Poetry - 1983, multiple copies.

Folder 102      

Poetry - 1982, multiple copies.


Box 13

Folder 103      

Multiple copies of ‘A Poet Dreaming in Alice Springs’.

Folder 104      

Prose, 1985.

Folder 105      

Prose, 1984.

Folder 106      

Poetry - 1985.

Folder 107      

Poetry - 1985.

Folder 108      

Poetry - 1980.

Folder 109      

Poetry - 1980.

Folder 110      

News clippings.

Folder 111      

Artists pages - limited edition.


Box 14

Folder 112      

Festival Centre; Akronycle.

1986 Adelaide Festival Fringe, February 21-March 23 - lift-out program guide

Working notes.

Folder 113      

Working notes.

Folder 114      

Working notes.

Folder 115      


Folder 116      

News clippings.

Folder 117      

News clippings, flyers.

Folder 118      

Small press publications, newsletters.

Folder 119      

Small press publications.


Box 15

Folder 120      

Small press publications.


Folder 121      

Diaries/journal: 1987, 1988, 1987.

Folder 122      

Journals 1985 and 1987.

Folder 123      

Journal 1985 contd.

Folder 124      

Journal 1985 contd.

Folder 125      

Workshop publications.


Folder 126      

Conference papers - 1984.

Folder 127      

‘The Resurrection of Love’, manuscript.


Box 16

Folder 128      

“I” is a Versatile Character, manuscript.

Folder 129      

‘The Comedy of Sad’, manuscript.

Folder 130      

News clippings.

Folder 131      

Poetry and reviews.


Folder 132      

‘Now Mums Learning Chinese’, drafts.

Folder 133      

Working notes.

Folder 134      

Working notes.

Folder 135      


Folder 136      

Various notes and drafts.


Box 17

Folder 137      

Various notes and drafts.

Folder 138      


Folder 139      


Folder 140      


Folder 141      


Folder 142      


Folder 143      


Folder 144      



Box 18

Folder 145      


Folder 146      

Two Diaries - 1986 and 1989.

Folder 147      

Poetry and various writings.

Folder 148      


Folder 149      

Various writings.

Folder 150      

Various notes and correspondence.

Folder 151      

Burn, original manuscript (handwritten).

Folder 152      

Burn, notes.


Box 19

Folder 153      

Burn, a novel.

Folder 154      

Beyond This Morning, manuscript.

Folder 155      


Folder 156      

Correspondence and various notes.

Folder 157      

Address book.

Notebook with poetry, March 1986 - August 1986.

Folder 158      

Diary/notebook, March to June 1986.


Box 20

Folder 159      

Indexed notebook/address book.

Folder 160      

Notebook on her travels interleaved with tourist memorabilia.

Folder 161      

Travel diary - Amsterdam, Oslo and other places, 1986. Tourist memorabilia interleaved.

Folder 162      

Travel diary/notebook, London, September 1986.  Tourist memorabilia interleaved.

Folder 163      

Travel diary/notebook - France, Britain, 1986.  Tourist memorabilia interleaved.

Folder 164      

Travel diary/notebook - London, Amsterdam, Paris 22 August – 9 September 1986.  Memorabilia and correspondence interleaved.

Folder 165      

Correspondence 1983 - 1984.

Folder 166      

Correspondence 1983 - 1984.


Box 21

Folder 167      

Correspondence 1984 - 1987.

Folder 168      

Correspondence 1984 - 1987.

Folder 169      

Correspondence 1984 - 1987.

Folder 170      

Correspondence 1984 - 1987.

Folder 171      

Correspondence 1984 - 1987.

Folder 172      

Correspondence 1984 - 1987.

Folder 173      

Correspondence - mainly postcards, Christmas and birthday cards etc,

1980 -1982.

Folder 174      

Correspondence - mainly postcards, Christmas, birthday and other cards,from the early 1980s.


Box 22

Folder 175      

Correspondence - mainly postcards, Christmas, birthday and other cards, from the early 1980s.

Folder 176      

Correspondence - mainly postcards, Christmas, birthday and other cards, from the early 1980s.

Folder 177      

Correspondence - mainly postcards, Christmas, birthday and other cards, from the early 1980’s.

Folder 178      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 179      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 180      


Folder 181      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 182      

Correspondence - including postcards, from the mid-1980s.


Box 23

Folder 183      

Correspondence from 1983 - 1988.

Folder 184      

Correspondence form 1983 - 1988.

Folder 185      

Correspondence form 1983 - 1988.

Folder 186      

Correspondence, including postcards, late 1980s.

Folder 187      

Correspondence, including postcards, late 1980s.

Folder 188      

Correspondence, postcards, mostly 1986.

Folder 189      

Correspondence, postcards, mostly 1986.

Folder 190      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.


Box 24

Folder 191      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 192      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 193      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 194      

Correspondence from the mid-1980s.

Folder 195      

Correspondence, including cards postcards from the late 1980s.

Folder 196      

Correspondence, including cards postcards from the late 1980s.

Folder 197      

Correspondence, including cards postcards from the late 1980s.

Folder 198      

Correspondence, including cards postcards from the late 1980s.


Box 25

Folder 199      

Correspondence from 1988 - 1991.

Folder 200      

Correspondence from 1988 - 1991.

Folder 201      

Correspondence from 1988 - 1991.

Folder 202      

Correspondence from 1988 - 1991.

Folder 203      

Correspondence, postcards and tourist maps from the late 1980s.

Folder 204      

Correspondence, postcards and tourist maps from the late 1980s.

Folder 205      

Correspondence, postcards and tourist maps from the late 1980s.

Folder 206      

European tourist maps, transport maps, tickets, bank statements, etc.


Box 26

Folder 207      

Correspondence including postcards from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Folder 208      

Correspondence - birthday and postcards, 1989.

Folder 209      

Correspondence, including birthday and postcards from the late 1980s.

Folder 210      

Newspaper clippings regarding the Tasmanian Poetry Festival 1989.

Folder 211      

‘Now Mum’s Learning Chinese’, collection of poetry drafts, original.

Folder 212      

Poetry drafts by Driver High School year 11 students.

‘Silence as a Second Language’ - handwritten draft.

Correspondence from publishers regarding Jenny Boult’s poetry.

Copies and original of Christmas greetings from Jenny Boult.

Folder 213
Poetry drafts by Driver High School year 11 students
Handwritten draft: ‘Silence as a Second Language’
Correspondence from publishers regarding Jenny Boult’s poetry

Copies and original of Christmas greetings from Jenny Boult

Folder 214

Copy of script ‘Ascent’.


Box 27


Folder 215      

‘Ascent’, draft copy of script

Newspaper clippings regarding mountain climbing and mountaineers.

South Australian Skiers Association Incorporated pamphlets and publicity.

Folder 216      

Newspaper clippings about mountaineers, notes, possibly background material for Ascent script

Applications for admission to Business Studies Courses, plus pamphlets for

Adelaide College of TAFE.

Folder 217      

Notes on character, background, chronology - chapter synopsis, and scenes.

Folder 218      

Forever and ever, outline for a feature film by Jenny Boult, 1988, plus related

notes, clippings and photocopies.

Folder 219      

Drafts: ‘Summertime Blues’; ‘Scat/Crisis in Energy Minor’; ‘Style (Caprices from: 24 Hours in the Long Room’; ‘Beat’ and other poetry drafts by Jenny Boult.

Folder 220      

Draft copy of script ‘Beat’ by Jenny Boult.

Folder 221      

Drafts of poetry/stories by Jenny Boult: ‘The Silent Treatment’; ‘The

Bewilderment Factor’; ‘Coming Down Again’; ‘Gumboots’; ‘Ruby Tuesday’;

‘One for the Road’; ‘Season of Glass’; ‘Rainy Day Women’; ‘The Cure for

Love...’; ‘Lies’ and ‘Obsession’.

Folder 222      

Draft of ‘Style’ by Jenny Boult.


Box 28

Folder 223      

Drafts of poetry/stories by Jenny Boult: ‘“Music is the Art of the Spirit”

Kirkegaard (and all you can Hear are Words)’; ‘The Distance of a Dream’;

‘Good Times Without a Street Directory’; ‘Beat’; ‘One for the Crack’;

‘Environment’; ‘Flight/Fantastic’ and ‘Acts of Contortion’.

Folder 224      

Poetry drafts by Jenny Boult.

Folder 225      

Poetry drafts by Jenny Boult.

Folder 226      

Files: ‘Notes for the New Novel’.

Folder 227      

Draft of ‘Passion’ a novel by Jenny Boult, plus related background material, notes and clippings.

Folder 228      

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, Individual Artists, Lists’.

Folder 229      

File: ‘Newspaper Clippings, Individual Artists, Lists’

Folder 230      

File: ‘Newspaper Clippings, Individual Artists, Lists’


Box 29

Folder 231      

Performance poetry publicity.

1990 diary.

Address book.

Folder 232      

Overland, No. 85, copy of published work, October 1981.

Correspondence with publishers.

Folder 233      

Drafts of stories: ‘(For Maurice)’; ‘Cold Burn: Experiences of the Dalkon

Shield’ and ‘Obsession’.

Folder 234      

Drafts of ‘Lies’, 1986.

Folder 235      

Drafts of ‘Lies’.

Folder 236      

Drafts of stories: ‘Blackjack’; ‘The Cure for Love’; ‘Season of Glass’; ‘Ruby

Tuesday’; ‘Coming Down Again’; ‘Pick me Up on your Way Down’; ‘The

Bewilderment Factor’; ‘Gumboots’; ‘One for the road’; ‘Rainy Day Women’ and ‘The Silent Treatment’.

Folder 237      

Drafts of stories: ‘Gumboots’; ‘Rainy Day Women’ and ‘One for the Road’.

Poetry drafts by Jenny Boult and by Denis Aubrey.

Folder 238      

Drafts of stories: ‘One for the Road’; ‘Ruby Tuesday’; ‘The Silent Treatment’;

‘Coming Down Again’; ‘Blackjack’; ‘Rainy Day Women’; ‘The Cure for Love’; ‘Season of Glass’; ‘Pick me Up on your Way Down’ and ‘The Bewilderment Factor’.


Box 30

Folder 239      

Drafts of songs and poetry.

Folder 240      

Drafts of poetry, multiple copies, 1986.

Folder 241      

Drafts of poetry, multiple copies, 1986.

Folder 242      

Drafts of poetry, multiple copies, 1986.

Folder 243      

Drafts of stories: ‘Show and Tell’ and ‘Intimate’.

Stories and drawing by children.

Folder 244      

Correspondence, 1990 - 1991.

Folder 245      

Scrapbook containing cuttings, clippings and photos.

Folder 246      

Scrapbook, ‘Hotel Anonymous’.

Box 31

Folder 247      

Performance poetry publicity.

Folder 248      

Personal blue notepad, 1992 - 1993.


Written rough notes/ideas.

Folder 249      

Original written manuscripts: The Fringe, 22/3/92; Easter Sunday, 19/4/92;

Life Cycle, 20/8/92; More Poems for my Father, 2/8/92.

Various untitled written manuscripts and lists.


Folder 250      

Loose notes, correspondence and various untitled written manuscripts.

Original written manuscripts: Bed Time Stories, 20/7/90; Dingos Lament;

Sleeping with the Ninja, 15/2/93.

Folder 251      

Various untitled written manuscripts, and loose notes.


Original written manuscripts: The Shadow Rap; For John Zsantho; TheAdelaide Suite; For Rumanian Jon; Caprices from Another 24 hours from the Long Room.

Folder 252      

Delphi questionnaire (Artists Programme).

Original written manuscript: At Friendly St; Liz, our Lady of Micturition; Scum; For John Santo.

Notepad: Correspondence to friends, ideas and poetry. 8/10/92.

Folder 253      

Correspondence, royalty statements.

Many copies of typed manuscript The Yuletide Log.

The Yuletide Log, draft.


Photocopies of correspondence to Dept. for the Arts.

Application form to Dept. for the Arts.

Folder 254      

Correspondence from Tasmanian Poetry Festival plus information sheets and program.

Magazine on the ‘Salamanca Arts Festival.

Plane ticket.

Correspondence from friends and Tasmanian Arts Council and Salamanca Arts Festival.

Folder 255      

Correspondence from Penguin Books, Julie Evans, Canberra Theatre

Company, Octopus Publishing Group, The Macmillan Company.

Information sheet from National Book Council and Loxton High school.

Angry Women Anthology.

Jenny Boult’s curriculum vitae.

Untitled draft of written manuscript.

Proofs for ‘Tree’.

Folder 256      

Original typed poetry/prose: a; ‘Rattle’; ‘At the Third Stroke’; ‘40th Birthday’;

‘Bedtime Stories’; ‘Mildews Lament’; ‘Dream for Q6’; ‘For Mr Perfect.

Mr I’m Always Right’; ‘East of Friday’; ‘Fete’; ‘Groucho was a Libran Too’;

‘Past Lives/Future’; ‘Caprices from 24 Hours in the Long Room’; ‘A Poet

Asks the Hungarian to Leave’; ‘A Poet Escapes the Hungarian’; ‘Style (caprices from: 24 Hours in the Long Room)’; ‘Regular Visitors to a Poet’s Video Salon’; ‘Defrosting a Fridge with the Hungarian’; ‘Watching TV with the Hungarian’; ‘Network’; ‘Snookered’; ‘Let’s Liquidate’; ‘Movieola’.

Photocopies of newspaper clippings.

A letter written by Jenny Boult addressed to nobody.


Box 32

Folder 257      

Original typed poetry with photocopies: ‘Strange Day’; ‘At the Third Stroke....’; ‘Mildew’s Lament’; ‘Self Control’; ‘Indebted’; ‘Scenes From the Crowded Room’.Various typed caprices from ‘24 Hours in the Long Room: Style’; ‘Exit’(with photocopies).

Folder 258      

Balance of Penguin pages.

Written draft, information on Jenny’s career and Acknowledgments.

Original typed poetry and prose: ‘Movieola’; ‘Good Times without a Street Directory’; ‘Flight/Fantastic’; ‘The Distance of a Dream’; ‘Obviating’; ‘Mixed Media’; ‘How Come? I’m Wondering’; ‘Insecurity’; ‘Friendly Streets Always Been a Bit Like Church’; ‘Some Men’; ‘Front Bar Playboy’; ‘The 1-10 of No Reason’; ‘Redressing Inertia’; ‘Here Comes the Sun’; ‘Form Guide’; ‘Cut Up / Century Hotel’; ‘Leaving’; ‘Autumn’; ‘Libretto For the Sound of Sap Rising’; ‘Heatwave’.

Folder 259

Correspondence from Penguin Books, Longman Cheshire, PLR committee and friends.

Print-outs of poetry intended for school lessons.

Folder 260      

Receipt, artist engagement form, invitation to a book launch, advertisement for Duke Tribute, Christmas cards.

Correspondence from Puffin books, Sybylla Feminist Press, Perseverance

Poets Collection/2, Grundy Entertainment, ADFA, Perpetual Trustees,

Oxford University Press, ABC, Flinders University, Omnibus Books,

Fremantle Arts Centre, Hodder and Stoughton Publishers and from friends.

Original typed poetry: ‘Shopping’, ‘About Auntie Rose and Her Diet’.

Folder 261      

Handwritten School rolls.

Christmas cards.

Correspondence from Sydney University, Wagga Wagga Writers,

Oxford University, Longman Cheshire and from friends.


‘Assessment of Application for Citizenship’ papers.

Invitation to party.

Folder 262      

Correspondence from Rochford Press, South Australian Writers Centre,

The Friendly Street Poets, Longman Cheshire, Omnibus Books, Oxford

University and from friends.

Pamphlets for Cafe Tapas.

Untitled written manuscripts, rough ideas.

Plane ticket.

Rough idea of Acknowledgments and layout of a book containing her poetry.

Original typed poetry/prose: ‘Just Because it’s Friday’; ‘Message to Young Mothers’.

Folder 263      

Draft for ‘Strange Days’.

Christmas cards plus card list.

Papers related to some photos in the Jenny Boult photo albums.

Typed manuscript: ‘One for the Crack’.

Folder 264

A work in progress tr(avail)ouble 2002-5: typescript drafts.


Box 33

Folder 265

tr(avail)ouble: typescript draft  

Folder 266

Travail: typescript draft

Folder 267

Tr(avail)ouble 2005 drafts and notes; includes notes written by MML Bliss for arrangements following her death.

Folder 268

Mouth - drafts

Folder 269
Draft poems

Folder 270

ASSTD Drafts 03: Chicks, Chooks and Lipstick talk; transparent batik blues; notes; somebody said; Transcript of recorded video interview with Magenta Maria Loveday Bliss, 9 July 2001, Launceston Police Headquarters, offence of arson/attempting to acquire a financial advantage.

Folder 271

Draft verse: call me linda lovelace (deep throat mix); mouth; his amulet; better left/ a step in the right before you were born;

Folder 272

Draft verse; application to Literature Board 2003

Box 34

Folder 273

Giggle; draft verse

Folder 274

Poems: folder of verse

Folder 275

Truth : folder of typed verse with pages of  hand written notes

Folder 276

Ravo  manuscript

Folder 277

Ravo  manuscript

Folder 278

Verse including legend; untitled folder containing various poems including Legend collection.

Folder 279


Folder 280

Note pads (5) containing draft verse including Ravo, miscellaneous notes, speech for launch of Take it As Read anthology.

Folder 281
Travail drafts


Box 35

Folder 282

Typescript manuscripts: Maddo Harley Died Last Night, a sequence of monologues; Ambitions, a sequence of monologues; Can’t Help Dreaming a script for performance, 1981; The Contortionists

Folder 283

Miscellaneous papers: draft verse, MML Bliss biography/bibliography, letters.

Folder 284
Writing Workshop outline

Folder 285

Miscellaneous handwritten notes including autobiographical notes, verse, Jim Bacon; typewritten autobiographical memoire whipping ferrules to a fishing rod

Folder 286

Shaken, manuscript, letter 1984

Folder 287

MML Bliss reviews

Folder 288

Draft verse: legend!; topical; Brothel E Love; various draft poems with annotated changes.

Folder 289
8 Notebooks 2003-2005

Box 36

Folder 290
2003:  notepad; folder containing miscellaneous items: letters, flyers, workshop outline, verse.

Folder 291

Notebooks 2001 (3)

Folder 292

Folder of miscellaneous material: letters, copies of poetry by various poets [c 2001]

Folder 293

Notebooks (4) 2002.

Folder 294

Undated notebooks and folders (5)

Box 37

Folder 295

Letters 2000s

Folder 296

Letters 2000s

Folder 297

Cards: 50th birthday; Christmas 2004; 2002; birthday 2003

Folder 298

Festival: Material relating to 2003 Tasmanian Poetry Festival

Box 38

Folder 299

Contents of folder To be answered – Bills, Urgent, Correspondence

Folder 300
Miscellaneous personal material 1: financial matters, medical, court, tenancy.

Folder 301
Miscellaneous personal material 2: financial matters, medical, court, tenancy.

Folder 302

Contents of folder Moving Stuff, Removalists, Letters from Council, tenants union.

Folder 303

Personal documents: passports; certificate of Australian citizenship; deed poll of change of name; school report Jennifer Mary Boult 1963; dissolution of marriage.

Folder 304

Launceston Word Exchange Certificate of Interest; Centenary of Federation – Tasmania Certificate of Appreciation

Box 39

Folder 305
Limited edition artists‘ pages, Original artworks by Australian women artists including the book Setting the Pace: The Women’s Art Movement 1980-1983.

Folder 306

; Spit issue 2; poems from the poetry competition 2002, the Hamilton District Agricultural Show Society; Booranga News: three issueswith articles onMagenta Bliss.

Folder 307

Publications authored by Jenny Boult/MML Bliss including: Moonshine, Handbaggery, The Hotel Anonymous, About Auntie Rose, Ravo, the white rose and the bath, Legend!, here.

Folder 308

Miscellaneous items including items relating to funeral of Jenny Boult.

Box 40

Publications containing verse by Jenny Boult: ‘9 2 5’, Patterns, Poet, fourW thirteen, famous reporter (several issues), Muse, River of Verse, republic readings 9, republic readings 7, republic readings 5, republic readings for two, Otis Rush, Tuesday Night Live (Fifteen Years of Friendly Street), Moorilla Mosaic, No. 4 Friendly St. Poetry Reader, Sidewalk.

Box 41

Various publications, journals.


AV Box 1

AV Item 1        (Audio cassette) ‘Stuck on Monday’

AV Item 2        (Audio cassette) Women’s Weekly 24/1/81. Poems from ‘The Hotel


AV Item 3        (Audio cassette) Bistro, Poetry reading - Saturday 23/3/85. Donna

                       McSkimming, Mick Bocchino.

AV Item 4        (Audio cassette) ‘Can’t Help Dreaming’ ABC Radio, 22/5/82.

AV Item 5        (Audio cassette) Writers Radio. ‘The M.P.W’ 1980.

AV Item 6        (Video Tape) ‘Yours - A home movie’.

AV Item 7        (45 Record) ‘Off the Record’.

AV Item 8        (Audio cassette and copy) Cliff Smyth, ‘Writing in the community’.

AV Item 9        (Audio cassette and copy) Wagga Wagga Writers Writers, 11/6/88.

AV Item 10      (Audio cassette and copy) DADA music, Master tape, ‘Red Ring Around

                       the City’. Festival Fringe 1986, Adelaide.

AV Item 11      (Audio cassette and copy) Alice Springs 8ccc.

AV Item 12      (VHS video cassette) ‘Maddo Harley Died Last Night’ Director: Wain

                       Fimo, Swinburne Film and TV School 1986.

AV Item 13      (Audio cassette) ‘Experts in Fear (extract) Jenny Boult, Chris Barnett. 20/8/84.

AV Item 14      (Film) ‘Streets Offcuts’ Adelaide 1979 - 80.

AV Item 15      (Film) M.R.C workshop, Adelaide 1979.

AV Item 16      (Film) untitled.

AV Item 17      (Film) Harbour plus poets in domain, Sydney 1979.

AV Item 18      (Film) untitled.

AV Item 19      (Film) untitled.

AV Item 20      (Film) ‘Streets Offcuts’ Adelaide 1979 - 80.

AV Item 21      (Film) ‘Streets Offcuts’ Adelaide 1979 - 80.

AV Item 22      (Film) untitled.


AV Box 2

AV Item 23      film reel, untitled, fragile

AV Item 24      film reel untitled in metal container

AV Item 25      film reel, untitled, fragile

AV Item 26      (Film) untitled, in protective container.

AV Item 27      film reel with title ‘April (1)’

AV Item 28      Box of computer discs ‘Back up to 14/7/02’

AV Item 29      Box of computer discs untitled

AV Item 30      Box of computer discs (titled discs: giggle; poems to 14/7/02; Legend; poems to 14/7/02; Tim; complete Ravo back up.

AV Item 31      computer discs: Travail poems disc 1, 2,3, 4.

AV Item 32      3 computer discs: Unspoken, questions, mini-biog, gundagai, gateway, matong; Legend corrections 26/5/02, workshop outline, prim. Sch. Workshop, outlets.doc; Magenta Bliss 15/8/02 ravo contents.


AV Box 3

Photo album 1

              Large transparencies.

              Photographs, friends on beach.

The Hotel Anonymous, transparencies and large B/W photographs and photo proofs.


              Photographs and slides of Sara Hopkin at the Festival Centre.


              Photographs of graffiti murals, baby Luc, baby Sam and a wedding.


              B/W photographs of a protest at the American base Exmouth.

              Family photographs and a trip in Sydney.

              Flower and leaf slides by Jane Kent for Jenny Boult.

              One photograph.

AV Box 4

Photo album 2

              B/W photograph of Jenny Boult 1987.

              Mad Poets Tour, Darwin and Tennant Creek photographs and transparencies.

              Photographs of Jenny Boult, 1987, 1989 - 90, 1992.

              Contact proofs of photographs of Jenny Boult.

              Unusual transparencies.

              Shaken, background slides.


AV Box 5

Photo album 3

Various photographic prints, colour and black and white

AV Box 6

Large format school photograph


Large film reels

AV Item 33      large film reel untitled 

AV Item 34      (16mm film) Livia Ruzic



              Poster x 3:  ‘Not Drowning, But Waving’ - ‘Waking Up’, by Dario Fo &

              Franca Rame & ‘Can’t Help Dreaming’, by Jenny Boult; performed by All

              Out Ensemble at the Red Shed Theatre, Adelaide, 23 Sep.-11 Oct., 1981, &

              Anthill Theatre, Melbourne, 15 Oct.-1 Nov. 1981


  1. ‘Current Writing’, Sydney/Adelaide, 4 May
  2. ’Back in the City of Dreaming’, New Writing Performed at the Club Foote, 20 Jul. 1987 x 3
  3. ’Wanted An Audience for Poetry Reward The Freedom Allan Eric Martin’, 3 Aug. 1987
  4. ’Mixing it Up’, 4-8 Mar. x 3
  5. ’Main Event Poetry Readings’
  6. ’Bending an Ear at the Club Foote’, 28 Jul.
  7. ‘Tasmanian Poetry Festival’
  8. ’Jenny Boult Readings Romano’s Hotel’
  9. ’Acts of Contortion - ’Salome’, by Nick Cave & ‘The Contortionists’, by Jenny Boult, Suna Productions at the New Century Hotel, 1-17 Mar. (part of Fringe)
  10. ‘New Writing’ performed at the Club Foote, 26 May
  11. ‘Justa Buncha Tourists’, interstate poets, 29 Sep., 1984, Melbourne Fringe
  12. ‘Blithe Sundays’, poetry performed at the Club Foote,, 27 Apr.
  13. ‘After the Rage : South Australian Women’s Art & Writing’, edited by Tess Brady & Jenny Boult
  14. ‘The Comedy of Sad’, a See Production, at the Wet Pak Theatre, 11-16 Mar.
  15. ’Night Poetry’
  16. ’The Mad Poets tour 1990

              Poster: ’Shaken’ and Maddo Harley Died Last Night, a Fullhouse Production

              performed at the Red Shed Theatre, Adelaide, 18 Jul.-4 Aug. 1984


              ‘Spring Poetry Festival 1989’ Spoleto Fringe Festival (No. 1074)

              Poster:  ‘Tasmanian Poetry Festival’.  (No. 1075)

              Poster:  ‘Night Club Poetry’.  (No. 1076)