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Manuscript Name Papers of Colin East
Manuscript Number MSS 156
Last Updated August 2021
Extent 6 cm (1 box + 3 folders)
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra

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Content Listing

Box 1

Folder 1

Correspondence to and from East relating to Indonesia, mainly concerned with East’s secondment in Indonesia and his views of his education there, its people, the country, the military situation and how the local army operates, confidential security-related matters, in English and Indonesian, 12 February 1960-18 January 1967.

Folder 2
Indonesian language letters, 1964-23 October 1985 including some that are undated. 

Folder 3
Statements on his knowledge of Indonesian language, and personal correspondence, 24 August 1966-20 October 1995.

Folder 4
Diaries/Journals [restricted]
Handwritten entries in a diary for December 1964. 

Folder 5
Diaries/Journals [restricted]
Collins brand diary with handwritten entries, January-December 1964. 

Folder 6
Newspaper Clippings
Photocopy of article entitled ‘Colonel was impressed by Indonesians’, The Australian, 11 January 1965;
Indonesian language newspaper article entitled ‘ABRI Lain Dengan AB Barat (Wawancara Wartawan “BY” Otje Soedioto SH Dengan Kol. Colin East – Asia Pasific Defence Report)’, 27 November 1981;
Indonesian language newspaper article entitled ‘ABRI Lain Dengan AB Barat (Wawancara Wartawan “BY” Otje Soedioto SH Dengan Kol. Colin East – Asia Pasific Defence Report)’, 28 November 1981;
Oleh: Kol. Colins East, ‘Pemilihan Umum 1982 Di Papua Nugini’.

Biographical Material
Curriculum Vitae of Colonel C.H.A. East, MBE, PSC, PSC(RI);
Colonel Colin Hubert Alan East Story;
Photocopy of United Service, vol. 52, no. 2 (2000) – memorial notice and narrative of the military career of C.H.A. East;
Lt. Colonel Bob Lowry, ‘Colin East goes to SESKOAD – in ‘a year of living dangerously’, 1964’, undated.

Research material
Indonesian language booklet, Pendidikan Opsire Divisi Banteng Sumatera Tengah M.A. Perjuangan Bukittinggi [mid-1960s?] 

Personal Material
Officer’s Identity Card issued to Colin Allan East, 12 June 1947;
Typed translation of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ into Indonesian, undated;
Typed memoir titled ‘My Days’, undated;
‘Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia’, 17 August 1981 with black and white photograph of East – cylinder moved to Box 2. 

Various assortment of name cards, table place names, menu cards, invitations, greetings, ‘thank you’ notes, etc., dating mainly from the 1960s, written in English and Indonesian;
Includes Indonesian language calendar for December 1963. 

Box 2 – Folio

Folder 7
2 Indonesian cylinders that originally housed the ‘Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia’ and ‘Sekolah Staf Dan Komando’ documents.

Folder 8
Original scroll entitled ‘Sekolah Staf Dan Komando’, 15 December 1964, with photocopy.

Box 3 - Photographs – Cool Room

Folder 9
Black and white portrait photograph of Colin Hubert Alan East in military uniform, undated (possibly 1960s).