Special Collections Copying Terms and Charges


  1. Clients may make their own copies of Special Collections items free of charge, in the reading room, with their own personal device, as copyright or licence agreements allow.  Please read the ‘personal copying’ information under the Viewing and Handling heading on the Special Collections website.
  2. For clients who are not visiting in person copies can be requested online via the Ask Us Special Collections Service.
  3. Prices are in AUD and effective from December 2016.
  4. Prices for Special Collections copies are based on actual cost, no profit is made.
  5. Prepayment (in AUD) is required for all copying. Payment must be made online by going to the UNSW Online Payments page, selecting Library Fines & Fees, and then selecting the Fee Type Copy Service.
  6. Copies are provided by Library staff to clients for the purposes of private study and research only. The charges for commercial use (e.g. publication) will be by arrangement.
  7. Charges for UNSW Canberra students and staff will be waived for the first 300 pages.
  8. There is no charge for orders from non-UNSW clients of up to 50 pages as this is included in the standard Special Collections service.
  9. Prices are per physical page, but 2 pages may be supplied as one digital image depending on the size and format of the item.
  10. Copies will be provided no later than 10 working days after payment has been received.
  11. Most files are too large to email so they will be provided online through the University file exchange network.  A link to download the files will be supplied to the client. The link will usually be valid for one month.
  12. All copies will be supplied digitally in the same colour profile as the original.
  13. All copies will be scanned as 300 dpi and supplied in PDF file format.
  14. Special requests for item to be scanned at a different resolution or in a different file format can be made and will be charged at the same rate as for 300 dpi PDF.
  15. The supply time frame for requests of more than 300 pages will be considered on a case by case basis.
  16. Requests to print out the digital copy will incur an extra charge of $10, plus Courier or Postage fee.  
  17. Requests for AV copying will be considered and charged for on a case by case basis.
  18. Requests for copies of items larger than A3 will be considered and charged for on a case by case basis.
  19. Charges are subject to review and change without notice.


Special Collections Digital Copy Service for archival manuscripts and books up to A3 in size for private study and research.  Cost per page including GST Service Time Frame
Up to 50 pages  No charge 10 working days
51-300 pages No charge for UNSW students and staff, $0.55 per page
for all other clients.
 10 working days
300+ pages $0.55 per page By arrangement

If clients request digital copies printed onto photocopy paper and mailed to them, then a one off cost of $10 will be charged in addition to the actual Courier or Australia Post fee.

Terms Last Updated: 13 December 2016
By: Special Collections Curator