• 30 Oct 2020

    The satellite platform Lena Meyer holds in her hands is the culmination of two years’ work. Combining materials science and advanced manufacturing, this technology demonstration will inform future small satellite design and cubesat missions.

  • We play a vital role in the US Air Force Academy’s world-wide Falcon Telescope Network, housing one of the 12 telescopes. Working in collaboration with institutions from across the globe, the University provides the infrastructure needed to support the Canberra node. 

  • Our thermal vacuum chamber laboratory replicates space environments and is used to test how objects and materials will behave in those conditions. It features two chambers and solar simulation capability.

  • UNSW Canberra Space is equipped with two satellite ground stations that enable us to communicate with our spacecraft. One is located on campus, while a larger industrial-grade satellite is positioned just outside the ACT border in Yass, hosted by our ground station partner Cingulan Space.

  • A tiny speck of dust has the potential to cause major issues for spacecraft. Our Class 10,000 cleanroom provides a pristine environment for the development, integration and build of our satellites and various subsystems.