Systems Modelling Conference


Building resilient futures: using models for foresight

To survive and thrive in years where disruptions are becoming the norm rather than the exception, we need to build resilient and agile systems, organisations, and communities which can cope, recover, and harness change. This will require a transformation in the way we use models from being predictive tools to foresight devices. What are the challenges that the modelling community need to foresee and confront to be at the forefront of decision support? What are the opportunities ahead? It is both an exciting and a scary time to be a modeller. Thus, this year’s conference theme is chosen as “Building resilient futures: using models for foresight”.

In the spirit of this theme, SMC2020 will facilitate a critical discussion on model-based policy development by asking if models can sufficiently address the challenges our society must face today and in into the future. SMC2020 provides an opportunity to reflect on prior models and their evolution in light of recent developments to see how they may inspire future directions for the next generation of models under disruptions.

For further information, please visit the SMC2020 website.