Systems Modelling Conference


Adams Auditorium, UNSW Canberra

9.00am to 5.00pm

Systems thinking and modelling is the science of integration, where every system is conceptualised as a set of inter-related components. Systems thinking and systems modelling provides a problem solving approach that helps us develop the capacity to understand and manage complexity in a systemic way and how to deal with it in multi-stakeholder situations.

The Capability Systems Centre runs a one day conference on the use of whole-systems approach to design and manage complex problem in socio-technical and socio-ecological systems. The daylong conference on September 28th will feature showcases on the use of systems thinking and systems modelling in a wide range of areas.

We invite you to join us!

The theme of the conference is on 'using systems thinking to challenge mental models'. Human's mind is inclined to think about complex problems linearly, from causes to effects. It does not generally consider multi-causalities and feedback loops in the structure of the systems, which have caused problems. This incomplete picture of mental models often results in failed decisions and sub-optimal designs; those that solve one issue but create several new problems. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and students to share ideas and experiences about how the use of systems thinking and systems modelling techniques, in different sectors (infrastructure, defence, energy, water, etc.), can inform mental models and enable tackling real world complex problems.

Keynote Speakers:

Associate Professor Shayne Gary, AGSM Fellow, UNSW Business School

Dr Barry Newell, ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment and ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

Commodore Allison Norris, Director General, Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre

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