Before You Arrive

Before you enrol, you must choose your courses for the semester.

Consult the UNSW Handbook to read information relating to your program structure and for help on determining which courses you are required to enrol in.



Once you have chosen your courses, you are ready to enrol.

You manage your enrolment online via myUNSW. Log onto myUNSW and use our step by step guide to enrol.

Please be advised that some courses/class times fill up quickly - enrol as soon as possible to secure your preferred classes/times.

How do I ensure I have enrolled into my courses?

The best way to check that you have enrolled successfully into your courses is to check your myUNSW Student Profile tab. Your enrolled courses should be listed under the My Enrolment section on this page.

What if I have timetable clashes?

During to military commitments for ADFA students, all 1st year students will have no university classes on Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon. The timetable is automatically blocked so that 1st year courses do not clash with 1st year Academy Military Education and Training (AMET) classes.

Occasionally there may be a clash between 2 university courses you would like to enrol in or a course / tutorial / lab you would like to enrol may be full.

In some cases you may be able to enrol into clashing classes however normally you cannot enrol into a class that is full.

Students who have previously completed tertiary studies at an equivalent university level may be eligible to gain credit (sometimes referred to as Advanced Standing) towards their degree at UNSW Canberra. Applying for credit is a voluntary request by a student, it is not compulsory.

Even if you are going to apply for credit, students should still enrol in the relevant 1st-year courses for their degree. 

Students wishing to apply for credit should submit an application as soon as possible. For further information and to find the application form please see our Credit or Exemption for Previous Study page. 

Please note: for undergraduate studies, credit will increase the likelihood of course clashes as students may be undertaking 1st and 2nd-year courses concurrently.

International Students

Following a directive from the Department of Defence, International Policy Division, international students are NOT able to apply for credit from previous study.