Cyber Offence

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Cyber Security


This course provides the foundation to defend computer networks by performing authorised and ethical security penetration testing. It seeks to develop the participants knowledge and skills of the tools, techniques and procedures involved with identifying and verifying the existence of computer vulnerabilities to enable informed risk reduction and improve security. The course will increase the competency of participants in addressing strategic, operational and tactical issues of cyber attacks.

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Duration: 5 Days

Delivery Mode: Classroom


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  • Comprehensive set of course notes.
  • UNSW certificate of attendance.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


Affiliated Courses

Cyber Security Boot Camp (5 days), Intrusion Analysis and Response (5 days)





This course is well suited to experienced IT professionals who wish to further specialise in offensive and defensive tactical Cyber Operations.


Participants of this Professional Education Short Course may be eligible to apply for credit towards a cyber Masters program from UNSW Canberra, for work undertaken, once further assessment is successfully completed.  For more information on microcredentialling, please click here.  If you require further clarification, please contact UNSW Canberra’s Student Administration Services at or call +61 2 6268 6000.




Objective and learning outcomes include:

  • Conduct simple computer network operations by defining the suitable operation goals and outcomes.
  • Conduct indirect and direct reconnaissance against a target.
  • Identify suitable vulnerabilities for access opportunities.
  • Assemble and package computer exploits
  • Understand and apply strategies to penetrate network defences.
  • Install native and implanted network backdoors for access assurance.
  • Expand network access to reach target systems.
  • Defeat hacker OPSEC by understanding the full spectrum of offensive activities and designing detection and identification mechanisms.
  • Improve CNO OPSEC by understanding artefacts and signatures generated from CNO activities.
  • Plan computer network operations using industry and government best practices.
  • Provide advice on the efficacy of CNO in creating Effects.
  • Provide advice to policy makers on strategic issues regarding cyber capabilities, doctrine, and partnerships.
  • Provide basic penetration testing services.




UNSW Canberra Cyber is a focal point for the research of some 60 scholars from various faculties across UNSW who conduct research work on different aspects of cyber security. The Centre is based in Canberra at the Defence Force Academy that provides both advanced research as well as undergraduate and graduate education on cyber security. UNSW Canberra Cyber brings together the biggest concentration of research and tertiary education for the multi-disciplinary study of cyber security in any single university in the Southern hemisphere. A number of UNSW Canberra Cyber scholars, in areas ranging from information technology and engineering to law and politics, have significant international reputations for their work.  

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15 July 2019 - 19 July 2019
5 August 2019 - 9 August 2019