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Manuscript Name Papers of Robert Habost
Manuscript Number MSS 101
Last Updated August 2021
Extent 35cm (2 boxes)
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract The collection comprises correspondence and related material pertaining to Germinal: poetry and poetics journal, including some submissions, paste-ups, and subscription orders. It also includes copies of the published issues. 

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Scope and Content

This collection relates to the poetry journal Germinal: poetry and poetics, edited and published in three issues by Robert Habost in 1985-1986. The papers consist of correspondence with contributors, reviewers and some subscription orders. They also include several submissions as well as correspondence from contributors whose submissions were not accepted into the journal. There is also a 1985 interview between Anne Collett and Geoffrey Page, and Anne Collett’s honours thesis on imagination in poetry. Contributors to Germinal include a number of significant Australian literary figures, such as Geoff Page, Gary Catalano, Graham Rowlands and П. O.

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Biographical Note

Robert Habost was born on 13 May 1953 in Sydney. The eldest of five children, he grew up in Gladstone and was educated in Brisbane. In 1985, while living in Brisbane, he founded the journal Germinal, dedicated to poetry and poetics.

Habost has published two collections of his poetry. The first, Madrigals (Germinal Press, 1994), under the name Robert Habost, and later West End Poems (Germinal Press, 2006) as Robert MacMaurice.

Robert Habost has also published as Robert Silverton Morison, Robert Bush and Robert MacMaurice.

Author record, Robert Habost, AustLit (, St Lucia: The University of Queensland, 2002-. [Retrieved 25/09/2018].

Author record, Robert MacMaurice, AustLit (, St Lucia: The University of Queensland, 2002-. [Retrieved 25/09/2018].


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Access: Open Access

This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

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Preferred Citation

Papers of Robert Habost, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 101, Box [Number], Folder [Number].


The collection was acquired from Robert Habost in 1989. A copy of Germinal, no. 1 was added by Robert Habost in 1993.

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Australian poetry, poets, Australian poets, 20th century poetry.

Personal Names

Robert Habost 1953-

Robert Silverton Morison

Robert MacMaurice

Robert Bush




Container List


Box 1

Folder 1
Germinal no. 1, 1983-1985

Includes correspondence with contributors, some of which includes editorial notes. Also includes a paste-up of Germinal no. 1 and a draft contents page.


Folder 2
Germinal no. 2, 1985-1988

Includes correspondence with contributors and subscribers. Some correspondence with submitters includes editorial notes and drafts. Also includes handwritten and typed transcripts of the interview between Anne Collett and Geoffrey Page, a published version of which appears in Germinal no. 2, and correspondence from Collett about the interview itself.


Folder 3
No. 2, 1985

Consists of a paste-up of Germinal no. 2 and a hand-drawn rendition of the Germinal logo, approximately A3 in size.


Folder 4
Germinal no. 3, 1986

Largely consists of poetry and article submissions, with some related correspondence. Includes a paste-up of Germinal no. 3 and a draft contents page. Also includes Anne Collett’s honours dissertation, ‘Imagination and the Role of the Image in Poetic Creation and Appreciation’.


Folder 5
Germinal no. 3 corro [sic], 1986-1988

Largely consists of correspondence with contributors, some of which include submissions and editorial notes, including one note from Kathy Pettingill. Other files include subscription receipts and correspondence with subscribers and reviewers.


Folder 6
Address [sic], 1986-1988

Lists of addresses for contributors, literary figures, institutions and libraries. Also includes several drafts, titled ‘I Don’t Get the Job’, ‘Mapping out of the World’, and ‘You speak of love/ the way its there/’.


Box 2

Published copies of the three issues of Germinal: poetry and poetics and an audio cassette of an interview with Geoff Page.


Folder 7
Germinal: poetry and poetics no. 1, April 1985

One copy.


  • Editorial
  • Articles:
    • Cold Turkey in the Cantina, Michael Sharkey
    • The Stubborn Persistence of the Word, Cornelis Vleeskens
    • What Kind of Entity is a Poem, R.G. Hay
    • Statement on Poetry, Billy Jones
    • Line Breaks: Some Opinions, Robert Habost
    • Poems:
      • In the Park of Non-Returnable Bottles, Grant Caldwell
      • Visitation, Maureen Freer
      • Y Images, Robert Handicott
      • Pelicans, Robert Handicott
      • To My Reader, Michael Sharkey
      • Tungamah: New Year 1985, Kevin Brophy
      • Spinning Earth, Ross Clark
      • searching for angelo, Ross Clark
      • from At Hattah, Cornelis Vleeskens
      • Although, Geoff Page
      • Two Step for Jim Lee, Geoff Page
      • Primeval Mary Smokes Flashback, Billy Jones
      • Getting it Down, Billy Jones
      • The Foreshadowing, Bruce Dawe
      • Effigy, Peter Kocan
      • New Poets, John Blight
      • In Haste, John Blight
      • Early One Moon, Graham Rowlands
      • The First Man, Graham Rowlands


Folder 8
Germinal: poetry and poetics no. 2, November 1985

19 copies.


  • Editorial
  • Poetry:
    • Roman Imitation, Gary Catalano
    • Two poems by Guillevic translated by Jack Lindsay
    • By Way of Gobbling up Life Eternal, James Charlton
    • To a Chic Parisienne, Dianne Beckingham
    • When Silence Sings, John Ryan
    • Historic Church, Warrick Wynne
    • At Kos, Maureen Freer
    • Enfolded, Andy Strunk
    • Prayer on Detail, Warren Breninger
    • Sick at Heart, Warren Breninger
    • World in Mourning, Warren Breninger
    • Rottnest, John McGee
    • Multi-Cultural, John McGee
    • Early Morning Sunset, Graham Rowlands
    • Hang Loose Man, Graham Rowlands
    • A Station of our Lives, Desmond Judge
    • I Feel: Therefore I Am, Desmond Judge
    • Absence, John Strano
    • Right On – Right Off, Geoff Goodfellow
    • We Need You, Oscar Wilde, Norma Knight
    • The Blood Corals, Cornelis Vleeskens
    • In the Cowboy Bar, Rory Harris
    • Driving, Rory Harris
    • We Take Hold, Rory Harris
    • Hermit Views, Karen Pridmore
    • Aqua Fatua, Jeff Guess
    • Midden, Shane McCauley
    • The Undertow, Kaye Grayson
    • Where the Head and Where the Heart is, Kaye Grayson
    • Articles:
      • Review of Joseph’s Coat, П. O.
      • The Poetry Making Process: Creation, Anne Collett
      • On the Dimensions of a Poem, R.G. Hay
      • Revising ‘Umbrian Farm’, Mark O’Connor
      • Interview:
        • Geoff Page interviewed by Anne Collett


Folder 9
Germinal: poetry and poetics no. 3, November 1986

31 copies.


  • Editorial
  • Poetry:
    • The Theatre of Cruelty, Geoffrey Quinlan
    • The Push, Geoff Goodfellow
    • On the Ask, Geoff Goodfellow
    • Skin Deep, Linda Neil
    • Rosslyn to the Prime Minister, Graham Rowlands
    • Out of Optimism, Kevin Brophy
    • Bribie Violets, N. Sims
    • Childhood Memory, Mike Greenacre
    • Them and Us, Karen Pridmore
    • Umbrian Farm, Mark O’Connor
    • The Morning After, Terry Harrington
    • Big Trick, Myron Lysenko
    • Memories, Jean Opperman
    • Terror, Grant Caldwell
    • Love Poem, Grant Caldwell
    • Throne, John Ryan
    • 10K Karma to Corona, Andy Strunk
    • A Sculpture, Gary Catalano
    • Crocodile, Bill Cotter
    • Retreat from Wilderness, Bill Cotter
    • Morning over Devils Marbles, Bill Cotter
    • Carol Singers, Jeff Guess
    • Pauls’ Poem, Steve Evans
    • The Roses, Steve Evans
    • Death of Children, Rory Harris
    • “call them…”, Rory Harris
    • The Fox, John Strano
    • Apocalypse of the Museums, Robert Handicott
    • (1)Boaz (2)Booze, Javant Biarujia
    • Articles:
      • Statements by the Poets
      • Performance Poetry, Graham Rowlands
      • Australian Poetry, Mark O’Connor
      • The Past, John Ryan
      • Other Forms, Gary Catalano
      • The Dimensions of a Poem, R.G. Hay
      • The Appreciative Process, Anne Collett


[AV] Folder 10
Geoff Page interview, 1985

A TDK AD 90 audio cassette with a handwritten title. The interview was published in Germinal, no. 2, 1985. Transcripts are available in Folder 2.