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Manuscript Name Papers of Richard Tipping
Manuscript Number MSS 212
Last Updated October 2021
Extent 26 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Literary drafts, original and copied correspondence, journals, notebooks, articles, research files, film projects, interviews, postcards, photographs, audio visual material and miscellaneous papers relating to the early part of Richard Tipping’s poetry and artistic career.

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

The collection extensively documents the active formative years of Richard Tipping’s life and career as poet, artist and film maker, comprising archival material acquired in multiple consignments between 1987 and 1997.  The journals and notebooks, correspondence, literary drafts and research notes reflect the full reach of Tipping’s creative endeavours, including the many publishing, artistic and film projects with which he was involved from the late 1960s through to the late 1990s.  A sequence of handwritten journals capture the spirit of Tipping’s experiences during the 1980s, containing draft poems, notes, drawings and accounts of people and places encountered.  Some significant names represented in the collection associated with Australian literature and the arts include Les Murray, A.D. Hope, David Malouf, Shirley Hazzard, Christina Stead, Jack Lindsay, Sumner Locke Elliot, Roland Robinson and Harold Stewart.

Date Range of Content

1959, 1968-1997

Biographical Note

Richard Kelly Tipping was born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1949 and studied film, philosophy and literature at Flinders University, before becoming lecturer in media and communication at the University of Newcastle (Newcastle, NSW).  Tipping is a significant and energetic poet, artist, sculptor and film maker whose creative work explores the intersection between image and language.  Tipping’s poetry has been published in several major anthologies, and his artwork is represented in the collections of many of the important Australian national, state and regional galleries.  For more information consult the Wikipedia article:


richard tipping retrieved 3 October 2018

Australian Poetry Library: Richard Tipping retrieved 3 October 2018

Art Guide Australia: Art Word: Richard Tipping retrieved 3 October 2018

Administrative Information

Access and Copying Conditions

Access: The collection is open access with the exception of financial records housed in Boxes 23-25. The permission of the donor is required to access these items.

This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

Copying: Copying of material authored by Tipping for private study and research is approved. 

Preferred Citation

Papers of Richard Tipping, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 212, Box [Number], Folder [Number]. 


The collection was acquired from Richard Tipping, by purchase and donation under the Cultural Gifts Program, in seven consignments in the period 1987-1997.

Additional Information 

Related Material

Additional material relating to Richard Tipping is located in the papers of Robert Adamson (MSS 149), Vincent Buckley (MSS 229), Dorothy Green (MSS 020), Rudi Krausmann (MSS 094), Jan Owen (MSS 092) and Graham Rowlands (MSS 017).

Further papers of Richard Tipping are held in the collections of the National Library of Australia and the Art Gallery of New South Wales Archives

Separated Material

This collection originally included a number of publications, listed below. These works have been catalogued separately, and added to the Library collection.

Swarm by Philip Hammial

Opinion, March 1978

Australian Book Review, No. 94, September 1987

The Book Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 3, December 1987 - January 1988

Words, 4th issue, September 1985

Fiction Magazine, Collection 5, No. 7, September 1986 and Vol. 6, No. 8, October 1986

Literary Review, December 1985

Spectator, 27 September 1986

Experimental Art Foundation Newsletter; Artlink, Collection 4, No. 4, October-November 1984

Fringe Bugle, No. 25, August 1984

Bicentenary 88, Vol. 1, No. 3, July 1981, Vol. 2 No. 2, July 1982, Vol. 3, No. 2, August 1983, Vol. 5, No. 1, February 1985

Wapping Post (?), Vol. 2, No. 2

Sanity, No. 9, September 1985

Words on Walls 

Subject Keywords 


Australian poets, Australian artists, 20th century Australian poetry, 20th century Australian art, visual poetry, sculpture, art installations, text in art

Personal Names

Richard Kelly Tipping 1949-

Corporate Names

University of Newcastle (Newcastle, NSW) 





University lecturers

Container List

Box 1

Folder 1

List of Richard Tipping holdings in National Library of Australia.

Folder 2

Scrapbook, 1984-1988.

Box 2

Folder 3

‘Word of Mouth’ - manuscript.

Folder 4

Nearer by Far - copy (three of three).

Folder 5

Nearer by Far - copy (one of three).

Folder 6

Nearer by Far - correspondence.

Folder 7

Poetry, 1974-1978 - original manuscripts.

Folder 8

Literary correspondence - Oxford, 1986.

Folder 9

‘Collected 1974-84’ - drafts, three volumes.

Box 3

Folder 10

Visual Arts Board, Literary Arts Board - 1979-1983.

Folder 11

Joseph Swann.

Art and Poetry invitation and catalogues, 1984.

Folder 12

USA Scholarship applications, 1977-1978.

VIP lists, 1988.

Lists, 1985.

Folder 13

Leaving Bondi, 1984.

Adelaide Festival, 1988.

Miscellaneous, 1980-1984.

Folder 14

London and Oxford, 1985-1986.

Two notebooks.

Eight savings account books.

Folder 15

Capricornia Institute residency, July-August, 1988.

Folder 16

Capricornia Institute residency, July-August, 1988.

Box 4

Folder 17

‘Imaginaction’ - complete document, 1979-1983.

Folder 18

‘Imaginaction’, 1988.

Folder 19

‘Roadsigned’ - general (1).

Folder 20

‘Roadsigned’ - series 2.

ACAA correspondence.

Folder 21

Tipping, 1968-1974.

Folder 22

Artworkers Union National Conference, Adelaide, October, 1980.

Folder 23

Art and Photography - general interest.

Folder 24

Poetry competitions and festivals - England, Scotland, 1985-1986.

Box 5

Folder 25

Catalogues and flyers, United Kingdom, 1985-1986 (poetry).

Folder 26

Catalogues and flyers, United Kingdom, 1985-1986 (art).

Folder 27

Lists, August-December, 1987.

Italy, 1984.

Folder 28

London Arts Fair, 1985.

‘Words on Walls’.

Oxley - exhibit, 1983.

Knox Engravers.

Folder 29

Exiles Show, 1986.


Bicentennial logo design.

Folder 30

‘Word on Walls’ correspondence.


Original silk screens.

‘T’ Shirts.

Experimental Arts Foundation, 1976.

Darling Harbour floor tiles.

Box 6

Folder 31

Huge Poems, 1979-1983.

‘Alleycat’ - manuscript.

Press Release list.

Folder 32

Gallery invitations, 1983-1984.

Folder 33

Art catalogues, Glebe, Environs, 1987-1988.

Folder 34

Australian Writers’ Centre.

Commonwealth Poetry Conference, 1985 - Paris.

Folder 35

Graham Rowlands, 1979-1986.

Harold Park programs, 1987-1988

Publishers, 1984-1988.

Folder 36

Lists to do - Oxford and London, 1985-1986.

Folder 37

Correspondence - 1983-1988.

Folder 38

Australian Home Journal, May, 1959.

Experimental Art Foundation.

Box 7

Folder 39

Poetry notes, 1983.

Journals: Italy, September, 1984; January, 1986, Oxford and London.

Folder 40

Journals: 1986-1987; Spring, 1986.

Folder 41

Journals: 1983; October, 1981 - March, 1982.

Folder 42

Journals: October, 1987 - January, 1988; February, 1988 - 31 August.

Folder 43

Journals: 1983; 1986; Poetry Notes, 1983; Egypt, February, 1986; May - September, 1986; September - November, 1986.

Folder 44

Journals: January - May, 1987; April and May, 1985; May - June, 1988; 1984; 1985 - 1986.

Folder 45

Journals: December, 1986; March - April, 1985; December, 1986 (Japan); May, 1985; July, 1987; January - February, 1986.

Box 8

Folder 46

Journals: July - August, 1984; February, 1984; April, 1984; December, 1983; January, 1984.

Folder 47

Journals: May - June, 1985; August, 1985.

Folder 48

Notebook: September, 1975 - ‘Norwood’.

Folder 49

Journals: December, 1986; August, 1986.

Visitors’ book.

Folder 50


Folder 51

Les Murray rushes.

Box 9

Folder 52

Acceptances, rejections - ‘Sexxx Anthology’.

Folder 53

Correspondence, material for ‘Sexxx Anthology’.

Folder 54

Correspondence - Too Hot to Handle anthology.

Folder 55

Too Hot to Handle anthology.

Folder 56

Too Hot to Handle anthology.

Folder 57

Too Hot to Handle anthology - correspondence and material.

Folder 58

Correspondence with Dr Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Australian Association for the Teaching of English, English Teachers’ Association, ASAL, 1987 regarding ‘The Writers’ series.

Folder 59

Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 1987.

Correspondence with The Australian Society for Education Technology, TV Services, The University of Sydney and Jim Tulip.

Box 10

Folder 60

Profiles of ‘The Writers’.

Launch of ‘The Writers’ series.

Folder 61

Media material for ‘The Writers’.

Ideas for films.

Folder 62

Aboriginal and multicultural material.

Spoleto Melbourne Writers’ Festival, 1987.

Folder 63

Spoleto Writers’ Festival.

Writers’ Week, Adelaide, 1986, 1988.

Australian National Word Festival.

Folder 64

Writers’ Week, Festival of Sydney, 1988.

IFVPA newsletters and related material.

Folder 65

Independent Film and Video Makers Association.

Foreign Affairs.

Folder 66

Film and video booklets.

Box 11

Folder 67

Australia Council - Archival Film Program, interview transcripts.

Folder 68

Australia Council - Archival Film Program, interview transcripts.

International Festival material, 1984-1987.

Folder 69

Festivals, Art Fairs - England : poets Gary Snyder and Nanao Sakaki.

Exhibitions, reviews, 1980-1989.

Folder 70

Reviews, invitations, 1980s.

Folder 71


Folder 72 

Reviews, articles on Australian literature.

Folder 73

Art catalogues.

Art and literature reviews.

Box 12

Folder 74

Material concerning The Southern Cross Sculpture, 1982 and Signs of Australia.

Adelaide material - late 1960s.

Folder 75

Counter Culture calendar, 1972.

South Australian Poets’ Union directory.

Articles on literature.

Biographical material.

Folder 76

Spleen, No. 6, December 1976.

Times Literary Supplement - ‘Australian’ issue.

Folder 77 

‘Before We Go’ - broadsheet.

Folder 78

Reviews, interviews, 1973-1979.

Folder 79

Poetry relating to the making of the Les Murray videotape.

Poetry flyers, hand-outs, correspondence.

Folder 80

Poetry submissions, 1986 - France, Denmark USA.

ANZART-IN-EDINBURGH and ‘Australians at War’, Berne, 1984.


Poetry magazines, England.

Folder 81

Poetry submissions, England.

Poetry - drafts.

Box 13

Folder 82

Poetry submissions and correspondence.

Small Press Poetry Archives, Barr-Smith Library, University of Adelaide.

Folder 83

Catalogues, lists - Poetry Archive, Barr-Smith Library, University of Adelaide.

Folder 84

Lists, correspondence - Poetry Archive, Barr-Smith Library, University of Adelaide.

Folder 85

Checklist of Australian Little Magazines, 1968-1977.

Folder 86

Correspondence regarding the Poetry Archive, Barr-Smith Library job applications.

Folder 87

Job applications.

Correspondence regarding rent, National Film Lending, National Film Archives.

Folder 88

Correspondence regarding ‘The Writers’, 1986-1987.

Folder 89 

Articles on Australia Council - archival film material.

Folder 90 

Correspondence: Australia Council; Foreign Affairs, 1987.

Box 14

Folder 91

Correspondence regarding photographs, Department of Education English curriculum.

Material regarding videos.

Folder 92

Australian Film Industry (AFI) Distribution Ltd - videos.

Folder 93

‘The Writers’ promotion.

Proposal to The Literary Arts Board - literature and video in schools.

Folder 94

Proposed video projects.

Directory of films, videos on Australian writers.

Folder 95

Oceania Media Network - Learning Network, Education and the Arts study.

Folder 96

‘The Writers’ - distribution.

Folder 97

Film and video catalogue.

‘The Writers’ - distribution

Box 15

Folder 98

‘The Writers’ - distribution and promotion.

Folder 99

‘The Writers’ - sales, distribution, correspondence.

Folder 100

‘The Writers’ - promotion.

Folder 101

‘The Writers’ - costs, promotion.

Exchange programme lecture - New South Wales and Illinois.

Folder 102

Richard Tipping pocket address books and diaries, c1970s-1980s, including A.D. Hope project and overseas trips to England.

Folder 103

Salzburg, Germany, 1982, 1986.

Folder 104

Correspondence with David Malouf and Bernard Hickey.

Article on David Malouf.

Box 16

Folder 105

David Malouf material.

Folder 106

David Malouf material.

Folder 107

Randolph Stow material - reaction of students (see photo album for photographs)

Folder 108

A.D. Hope and Les Murray material - student reactions.

Folder 109

Correspondence - Film Australia.

Colin Thiele material.

Folder 110

Application to the South Australian Film and Television School regarding videoing South Australian writers.

Folder 111

Shirley Hazzard, Christina Stead and Fleu Adcock material.

Folder 112

Christina Stead material (includes correspondence).

Box 17

Folder 113

Correspondence regarding Christina Stead, finances, Australia Council, 1986, 1988.

Folder 114

Finances, 1985-1987.

Folder 115

Finances - ‘Writer’s Talking’ series, 1985-1988.

Folder 116

Finances, 1985-1986.

Folder 117

Newspaper clippings.

Box 18

Folder 118

Jack Lindsay material - includes the transcript of an interview with Jack Lindsay by Richard tipping and Robert Mackie, Cambridge, 1985.

Notes for filming, November, 1985.

Articles, catalogues.

Folder 119

Photocopies of articles about Jack Lindsay.

Folder 120

Sound, colour rushes reports, 1985.

Correspondence with The Australia Council, 1988-1991 re the Lindsay film.

Accounts, 1985-1988.

Folder 121

Correspondence, accounts - Lindsay film, 1988-1990.

Correspondence, notes, clippings for the Sumner Locke Elliott film, 1986-1991.

Folder 122

Correspondence, credits, post-production budget, clippings, reviews - Sumner Locke Elliott film.

Folder 123

Correspondence, accounts (1985) and transcript of Sumner Locke Elliott interview, December, 1985.

Folder 124

Correspondence regarding Sumner Locke Elliott.

Technical and sound reports.

David Malouf material, including transcript of interviews - January 1985 and March 1986.

Folder 125

Transcript of interview with David Malouf, March 1986.

Transcript of interview with David Malouf in Tuscany, January 1985.

Extract from 12 Edmonstone Street.

Post-production details, notes - David Malouf film.

Box 19

Folder 126

Correspondence, budget - David Malouf film.

Transcript of interview with Roland Robinson, June 1983.

Transcript of interview with Harold Stewart.

Folder 127


Interview with Harold Stewart.

Photograph of Harold Stewart.

Folder 128

Literature Board - correspondence, applications and clippings.

Folder 129

Subjects for archival film interviews.

‘Writers’ Talking’ - sales, 1989-1990.

Folder 130

‘The Writers’ - sales, 1987-1988.

Folder 131

‘The Writers’ - storage, promotion, sales, correspondence, 1987-1988.

Folder 132

Australia Council - archival programme, flyers, correspondence.

Folder 133


Folder 134 

Catalogue  -  Hear the Art, exhibition of fifty prints belonging to a suite of word works begun in 1989 issued in four volumes under the collective title The Sydney Morning.  Exhibition held at The Eagle Gallery, London, England on 6 February to 2 March, 1997 (Given to ASRC by Mr Hard 11 February 1997 - housed with Consignment 6).

Box 20

Folder 135

Literary Files – Harold Stewart:

Correspondence: 18 February-17 October 1987.

Copy of Dorothy Green, ‘A Candle in the Sunrise’ (1981).

Transcript of interview with Harold Stewart (undated).

Transcript of interview with Harold Stewart, Tape 2 (undated).

Folder 136

Literary Files – Jack Lindsay / Frank Moorhouse / A.D. Hope / Cid Corman / James Borg / Les Murray / Bernard Hickey / Francis Webb, Michael Dransfield, Robert Adamson / Sumner Locke Elliott:

One-page talk with Richard Tipping and Robert Mackie, October 1985.

Australian Playwrights National Conference 1988 promotion.

One-page handwritten notes, jottings.

Document headed ‘NFSA’ – video usage and copying rates (1980s?).

Envelope addressed to Jack Lindsay (1985).

Correspondence: 18 July 1986 – 2 September 1988.

‘Frank Moorhouse story for The Book Show, ABC Television (2 October 1992).

Notes and newspaper clippings for ‘Another Film on F.M.’.

Audio cassettes recorded by Richard Kelly Tipping 1984-86.

Edit copy of interview transcript with A.D. Hope (undated).

Correspondence: letter dated 2 August 1989.

Cid Corman in conversation with Richard Kelly Tipping, Kyoto, December 86 (1 page).

Correspondence: 6 May-20 October 1986.

Correspondence: 28 May 1984 – 11 February 1987.

Correspondence: copies of postcards from Les Murray, 3 June 1984 – 28 October 1986.

Les Murray, ‘The death of a poet’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 1974.

Joyce Morgan, ‘Bob Ellis and Les Murray’, The Australian Magazine, July 1992.

Writers Talking brochure for video featuring Les Murray (2 copies).

Invitation to reception for Les Murray, New South Wales House, London, 26 Nov. 1985.

‘Ern Malley, Angry Penguins and Jindyworobaks: A look at Literary Gang Warfare in the Fertile, Fighting 1940s’.

Art Gallery of New South Wales Poets Reading promotion (1984).

Photograph of Les Murray (undated).

Correspondence: postcards dated October and November 1985, and letter dated August 1986.

Correspondence: letter dated 18 July 1986.

Livio Dobrez, ‘Skinpoems’, The Age Monthly Review, February (1988?).

John Tranter, ‘Poetic legacy of a double fantasy’, The Weekend Australian, 21-22 November 1987.

Les Murray, ‘The death of a poet’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 1974.

Michael Dransfield – list of TV appearances, radio recordings, photographs, people to interview.

Short biographies of Michael Dransfield, Robert Adamson and Francis Webb.

Poems: ‘Visiting Francis Webb’, ‘End of the Picnic’.

Correspondence: 2 May-31 October 1988.

Correspondence with the ABC and Margaret Fink, 12 May-29 July 1988.

Sumner Locke EIliott Interview December 1985, New York. Dub from VHS offline rushes.

Handwritten notes on video recording/tape transfer, and Negative Camera Report (1985).

Folder 137

Literary files – Canada:

Correspondence: 31 July 1986 – 12 September 1987.

Curriculum vitae for Lilias-Mary ‘Jaffa’ Paddon.

Brochure for 7th Ian McPherson Memorial Lecture (undated).

Map of North America.

Notes and fragmentary material on Canadian film and film-makers.

Complete list of Literature Board, January 1985.

Literary files – Japan:

Correspondence: two letters concerning The Australia-Japan Foundation, dated January 1983.

Newspaper articles: ‘Japan develops a yen for our problems’, The Australian, 31 October 1987; Michael Berger, ‘Sentimental journey saved a city’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 August 1989; Peter Hartcher, ‘The storm clouds are gathering’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 November 1987; ‘Kamikaze side of marketing’ (no citation); ‘The Japan/South Australia Cultural Exchange Scheme’ (no citation).

Details of proposed project.

Report of Chairman’s overseas visit, Japan and China 5-28 May 1983.

Conditions of grant awarded by The Australia-Japan Foundation.

Japanese souvenirs, brochures, pamphlets, airline tickets, and cards.

Literary Files – USA:

Correspondence: May 1985 – 18 June 1986.

Coda: Poets & Writers Newsletter, vol. 12, no. 4 (April/May 1985).

Press release pack for First Edition [television series], enclosing press releases and publicity photographs of guests such as Norman Mailer, Toni Morrison, John Updike, Joseph Heller, Elmore Leonard.

John Wallace, ‘Lit Vid: Video Publishing Goes High-Brow’, Publishers Weekly, 22 November 1985.

Susan Anthony, ‘Australian writers the next big thing in the Big Apple’, The Bulletin, 12 November 1985.

Tom Shapcott, International Writers’ Tours: A Literature Board Viewpoint, Occasional paper, Department of Foreign Affairs, Canberra, 14 August 1986.

Film poster: ‘What Happened to Kerouac?’.

Materials published by The Foundation Centre, New York (1983-84?).

Research notes, business cards, jottings on Australians in New York.

New York Poetry Calendar brochure material with attachments.

Excerpts from publication on biographies available on VHS, with ‘Video & Film Order Form’.

Folder 138

Literary Files – AARLS (American Association of Australian Literary Studies):

Correspondence: Robert Ross, Southern Methodist University, 4 January 1986 – 22 September 1987.

Correspondence: Herb Jaffa, 4 January and 4 April 1986.

Correspondence: Susan M. Curry, Australian Book Source, 9 August 1986 – 22 May 1987.

Correspondence: University of Pennsylvania, 24 September and 24 October 1986.

Correspondence: University of Queensland Press, 24 September and 4 November 1986.

Correspondence: AAALS 1988 Aachen Conference, West Germany.

Newsletter of the American Association of Australian Literary Studies, vol. 1, no. 2 (November 1985), vol. 2, nos. 1-2 (April, November 1986).

List of attendees of the Inaugural Meeting of AAALS, March 21 1986.

1986-1987 membership dues form.

XIth Annual Conference on Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies in German-Speaking Countries, 16-19 June 1988, with notes and registration form.

Folder 139

Literary Files – United Kingdom:

Correspondence: Channel Four Television, 19 October and 3 November 1985.

The South Bank Show, LWT Television (1986?).

Arts Programmes from BBC Enterprises, BBC Enterprises Ltd, 1985.

Correspondence: Susan M. Curry, Australian Book Source, 9 August 1986 – 22 May 1987.

Correspondence: University of Pennsylvania, 24 September and 24 October 1986.

Notes and newspaper television programming excerpts, 18 October 1986.

Rough notes for programming, 7-14 November 1986.

Newspaper clippings under the heading ‘British Literary Television’, 1985-86.

British Literary Festival brochures and catalogues, 1985-86.

Box 21

Folder 140

Literary Files – United Kingdom:

File: ‘UK: Radio Times TV Times’, August – November 1986 – contains pages from British television magazines with key programs and program reviews highlighted.

Folder 141

Literary Files – Australia:

Sandra Forbes, ‘Background Material for a National Plan for the Promotion of Australian Literature’, Australia Council, March 1987.

Jean Whyte, ‘Australian Literature in Tertiary Libraries: Project Report’, Committee to Review Australian Studies in Tertiary Education, Canberra, August 1987.

Folders 142-144

Literary Drafts – ‘Poemnotes’:

Collation of materials in folders dated 1984-1986 and all headed ‘Poemnotes’, containing drafts of poems and prose works, newspaper clippings, brochures, promotional materials, handwritten jottings, ideas, annotations.

Folder 145

Literary Drafts – Thesis:

Richard Tipping, ‘washing up at midnight: new & unconnected poems’, Master of Arts (Writing), University of Technology, Sydney, 1994, 199 pages.

Box 22

Folder 146


File: ‘Channel 4 1986’:

Correspondence: 24 June 1985 – 16 September 1987.

Arts Council submission documents for video and film works to be transmitted.

Articles: Jonathan Miller, ‘Video will make arts more accessible’, The Times, 27 March 1987; Rob McKay, ‘The truth about making Australian documentaries’, The Canberra Times, 26 November 1987; Robert Ross, ‘Editor’s Notes’, Antipodes, vo. 1, no. 1, 1987.

Published material on various films from the mid-1980s.

File: ‘O/S [Overseas] Sales’:

Correspondence: 28 October 1985 – 22 September 1987.

Certificate of Registration of Business Name, 14 August 1987.

Video order forms and brochures.

ArtWrite Pictures mock-ups and notes.

Artforce, no. 58, July 1987 with attachment.

Images of Australia leaflet, University of London, for show 28 October-2 December 1985.

Page from AAALS Newsletter, November 1986.

The Bongiorno Newsletter, vo, 5, no. 2, May 1985.

Newspaper article, ‘The Bully Returns’, 19 September 1981 (newspaper not identified).

Handwritten notes/fragments.

‘Porter Stow Murray VHS Distribution incl. UK Loans of Tapes’

Correspondence: 11 July 1984; 9 June 1986 – 17 November 1987.

Progress report: ‘The Touchstone of Distance’ film series.

Videotape sales of Les A. Murray & Peter Porter in Europe.

Notes on VHS loans, sales, titles, copies made, duplications, prospectus.

File: ‘BBC Current’:

Correspondence: 6 January 1986 – 20 November 1987.

Handwritten notes, jottings concerning BBC.

‘James Murdoch. The Arts on Film + Video’.

Correspondence: 20 February – June 1987.

James Murdoch, The Arts in Australia: A Brief Guide, Australia Council, May 1987.

IBM Australia Ltd, Notes on a Landscape: a film written and directed by William Fitzwater (undated).

Fold-out poster: National Arts in Australian Schools Project NAAS, Department of Education, Queensland, 1986.

Filmed Australian literary works, draft list for May 1987.

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) publications, and meeting running Notes, 27 March 1987.

Excerpt from a council annual report, 1985/86.

Handwritten notes, jottings, on Ronin Films, AV Resources Guide, catalogues.

File: ‘Independent Producers’:

Correspondence: 21 October 1985 – 18 May 1987.

Published materials and notes concerning Chris Wilcox, Mark McLeod, Don Featherstone, Ortrun Zubersker and Rene Roelofs.

Folder 147


File: ‘SBS’:

Correspondence: 1983?–15 October 1987.

Brian Johns, ‘The SBS alternative’, The Australian Listener, 2 August 1988.

Newspaper articles: Robin Oliver, ‘Channel 4 option considered for SBS’, 1 September 1987. (unknown newspaper); Errol Simper, ‘On special assignment, The Weekend Australian, 23-24 July 1988; Errol Simper, ‘SBS will never be like commercial TV’, The Weekend Australian, 17-18 March 1990.

Handwritten notes, jottings.

File: ‘ABT [Australian Broadcasting Tribunal]’.

Correspondence: 25 March-11 April 1988.

Vicki Malloy, Peter Page and Richard K. Tipping, ‘Transcript of Briefing Ref Art Submission on Documentaries for Commercial Television by the AFI’, 15 December 1987.

Summary of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal’s Discussion Paper on Documentaries (1987?).

Oz Docs: submission nos. 001-007 (November-December 1987).

CDF Documentaries since 1981 (to 1986 only), Australian Film Commission.

Submission to the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal Inquiry on Australian Content – Documentary Programs, with cover note: ‘RKT draft for AFI Submission to ABT December 87.  See final draft by Peter Page’.

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal brochures, 1986.

File: ‘AFC [Australian Film Commission]’:

Correspondence: 27 January 1983–29 November 1988.

Creative Development Fund Guidelines, undated.

Media release: 1986 Documentary Fellowships Announced, 17 December 1985.

Appendix A: Script Development.

Special Production Fund, April 1986 and Standard Terms and Conditions of AFC Agreements, undated.

Special Production Fund – Background and Policy. Section 9 Documents under Freedom of Information Act 1982, 15 April 1986.

AFC News, nos. 49 and 56, May and December 1987.

Newspaper advertisement for Australian Film Commission Creative Development Application, December 1987.

Folder 148


File: ‘ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]’:

Correspondence: ABC Radio, 25 September 1986 – 26 October 1987.

Correspondence: ABC, 3 October 1986 – June 1990.

Correspondence: ABC Archives, 4 June 1986 – 21 May 1987.

Correspondence: Britain-related, 27 March 1985 – 29 March 1987.

ABC Radio-related material, notes, and ‘ABC Radio Highlights Week 10: Saturday, February 28 to Friday, March 6, 1987’, Radio Publicity Department, Sydney, 1987.

Materials collected in a subsection headed ‘Towards a New Book Program’.

Archive summary reports on Francis Webb, Patrick White, Xavier Herbert, Judith Wright, David Malouf, Joan Lindsay, Donald Horne, A.D. Hope, Hal Porter, Kylie Tennant and Alan Marshall.

Barbara Alysen, ‘Saving television’, Film News, December 1987.

Graham Williams, ‘ABC viewers object to Singleton replacement’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 November 1987.

Materials collected in a subsection headed ‘general; ABC’.

Handwritten notes, jottings, cost estimates.

Folder 149

Newspaper clippings.

File: ‘The Fight for the ABC’ – collection of articles on funding, programming and on-air personnel controversies and issues, late 1980s, with brochures on campaign actions.

File: ‘ABT Clippings file Press/TV Ownership 86-88’ – collection of articles on Australian media ownership and television licences (1986-1988), with ABTEE Newsletter, vol. 6, no. 15 (18 February 1988).

Box 23

Folder 150

Financial Records

File: ‘1978/84 various receipts. Tax to 1984/85=OK’:

Correspondence: 6 June 1979 – 23 May 1984.

Bank of Adelaide and ANZ account statements.

Car repairs and certificates of registration, including packet marked ‘Triumph Receipts’.

Camera, photograph development, filming, audio-visual gear receipts.

Medical/health care expenses receipts.

Australia Post dockets and receipts.

Travel receipts: flight and taxi.

‘Lasseter’s Reef’ production costs.

Stationery, typewriter, books and electronic rentals receipts.

Grace Brothers Removal and Storage correspondence, records and receipts, 1983-1987.

Folder 151

Financial Records

File: ‘Receipts 1983/84’:

Printing, camera, photographic, film development, office machines, framing, audio-visual materials, filming-related receipts and dockets.

Australia Post dockets and receipts.

Robert Bevan and Associates.

Bankcard vouchers and receipts.

Organisations: University of Queensland, Australian Consolidated Press, Australia Council, ABC, John Fairfax & Sons.

Medical/healthcare expenses receipts.

Art gallery, location, transportation and exhibition-related receipts.

Government department receipts: Department of Social Security, AGL, Telecom Australia.

Handwritten financial estimates, costings, with draft list of publications and typed income sheet for July-October 1983.

Miscellaneous, unidentified receipts, dockets.

Folder 152

Financial Records

File: ‘Accountant Frank Norman: Taxation 1984/85, 1985/86’:

Correspondence: 13 July-30 October 1984.

Westpac Banking Corporation account statements.

Australian Taxation Office Statements of Earnings.

Credit card purchases and Bankcard vouchers and receipts.

Various business and organisation receipts.

Handwritten financial estimates, costings, with typed list of payments for travel, 18 July 1984-June/July 1985.

File: ‘1985/86 Tax Files Out’:

Correspondence: University of Queensland Press letter, dated 20 May 1986 with attachments.

Barclays statements of account.

ANZ statements of account and record of transactions book.

Account books: Commonwealth Savings Bank depositor’s passbook, and cash book for December 1985 – June 1986.

Handwritten financial estimates, costings, figures, and receipt for GK Photographic.

Folder 153

Financial Records

File: ‘U.K. Household 1985/86 86/87’:

Correspondence: rental accommodation matters, 2 September 1985 – 9 August 1986.

Handwritten notes for estimates, finances, accounts, ‘Oxford July-November 1986 summaries’.

British Telecom, Southern Electricity, British Gas accounts and receipts, notices.

British Radio Rentals forms and receipts for television rental licence.

Handwritten notes for equipment, moving, house costs, capital, airfares, money exchanges.

Pickfords World Wide Moving correspondence and information.

Various business and organisation receipts.

Handwritten financial estimates, costings, with typed list of payments for travel, 18 July 1984-June/July 1985.

Folder 154

Financial Records

File: ‘Tax – Receipts OS [Overseas] 1985/86’:

Postal receipts to 30 June 1985.

Collection titled ‘August/September 1985’.

Collection titled ‘September 1985’.

Collection titled ‘F Moorhouse receipts 5/6 June 1986’.

Collection titled ‘NatWest 1985/86’.

Collection titled ‘Receipts UK Nov 1985 – Jan 1986’.

Collection titled ‘Receipts late 1985 – April 1986’.

Collection titled ‘Receipts May 1986 – 12 June’.

Collection titled ‘Receipts 12 June – 1 July’.

Box 24

Folder 155

Financial Records

File: ‘1985/86 out’:

Barclays Bank deposit and cheque records/statements.

Handwritten records titled ‘Phone calls from Oxford/1985/1986 (6 June)’.

More handwritten financial estimates, costings, business and work notes, jottings.

Cash book for period July-November 1985, with Penguin Books Australia Ltd and Video Data Bank invoices.

Folder 156

Financial Records

File: ‘Tax 84 – 86 Receipts and chq bks [cheque books]’:

Correspondence: Simon Watkins & Co. Barristers and Solicitors, 23 July-28 November 1985.

1984-1985: Medical, membership, airline, travel, removals, printing, studio rents, sales dockets, Westpac Banking Corporation cheque books.

‘Visas from July-August’; ‘London receipts to June 85’; ‘Air tickets’ (July 1984 – June 1985); ‘Visa to June 85’; ‘Stationery Receipts to June 85’; ‘Receipts, Germany June 85’; ‘Signs Photos’; ‘Receipts: Signs of UK & Ireland 84-85 & Miscellaneous receipts 84-85; Signs USA NY trip May 85 preparations, London and follow-up, London’.

Folder 157

Financial Records

File: ‘1986/87 Tax Year July 1986 – June 1987’:

‘Receipts July 1986’; ‘Receipts August 1986; Receipts September 1986’; ‘Receipts + Bank Accounts Oct/Nov 1986’.

National Westminster Bank PLC statements of account and ‘Confidential’ statements.

Receipts for various activities: moving residence, printing, photography/filming, camera servicing, typewriter rental, books.

Postage, books, videos-blank/audio-cassettes, camera/photos, taxis, Bankcard and cheques, with cash book for period 4 July 1986 onward.

Handwritten records titled ‘Debts lists Feb 1987-June 1987’; ‘Depreciation’; and ‘Cheque Books ANZ Dec 1986 – June 1987’.

Folder 158

Financial Records

File: ‘1986/87 to 30 June 1987’:

Receipts and other documents collected for section titled ‘1986/87 Money in Summaries [and] Earnings’.

Records of earnings in capacity as poet and photographer.

Records from file ‘Sydney Dececember 1986 – June 1987’ – income tax form and guide for 1987, handwritten notes for car travel, life/accident insurance, goods purchased, and receipts for television hire.

ANZ Bank cheque book and account records.

ANZ Bank VISA account records.

ANZ Bank accounts records (Melbourne access).

Folder 159

Financial Records

File: ‘House + general receipts 1986/87 tax year’:

Travel – flight passenger tickets, motor vehicle receipts: car rentals, repairs, taxi cab fares.

Various business, organisation and purchasing receipts for expense claims.

Penguin Books Australia Ltd.

Car fuel use records and receipts.

Bank printouts.

Receipts 1986/87 general.

Folder 160

Financial Records

Tax records, expenditures, claims. for the 1987-88 financial year taken from several files:

Correspondence: National Westminster Bank, 2 October 1986 – 22 September 1988.

‘Car 1987’ - registration, insurance and theft, repairs and service, NRMA, United Kingdom.

‘Work Invoices – Australia Council’ – invoices, consultancy claims, hours worked.

‘Tax 1 July 1987 – 30 June 1988’ – subsections as follows: 1987-88 tax forms (including correspondence), tax average (methods, budgets, calculations), handwritten notes on income, transactions, film expenditures, with invoices and correspondence.

‘List & calculations 1987/88’ – mostly handwritten notes, estimates, on on-goings, needs and wants, deductions, costs of living, debts to pay, current bills, bank balances.

‘VISA card 1987/88’ – receipts and records for Bankcard and VISA.

‘Melbourne trip September 1987 finances’ – variety of travel, purchase, hire, Bankcard statements, withdrawal slips, receipts.

‘Adelaide trip December 1987/Jan 1988’ - variety of travel, purchase, hire, Bankcard statements, withdrawal slips, receipts.

Box 25

Folder 161

Financial Records

File: ‘Receipts 1/7/1987 – 1987/88’:

‘Bank statements: Access Account ANZ 1987/88’ – two separate cheque account access records.

Various business, organisation and purchasing receipts and invoices for expense claims.

Bank slips 1987/88 including deposits, and receipts for car 1987/88.

Folder 162


‘Summaries from other reports + indexes’ – handwritten summaries of news and current affairs topics with page references and direct quotes, with submission from Paul Brown and Christine Summers, ‘In the Public Interest: Perspectives of Independent Film-Makers, November 1986.

‘Draft Notes: Summary OzDoc’ – indexes, list of keywords, amalgamation of indexes, Australian Broadcasting Tribunal telephone list for 11 April 1988 and table for ‘Documentaries’.

Fold-out sheet on organisational structures of Australian media groups and television stations, rough draft 30 January 1987.

‘NY Dec 1985’ – note book for trip to New York, December 1985.

Folder 163

Literary drafts – Extra series – Poems:

File: ‘A Skeleton in Space: Poems 1969-73 (Uncollected) Richard Kelly Tipping’ – draft manuscript prepared as part of the Poetry (Writing Project), Autumn 1990.

File: ‘Once More Unto the Beach: Uncollected Poems 1974-84 Richard Kelly Tipping’ – draft manuscript prepared as part of the Poetry (Writing Project), Autumn 1990.

File: ‘Poems: Drawing the Line’, 1984.

File: ‘Final manuscript 84-86 overseas’.

Folder 164

Literary drafts – Extra series – Poems:

File: ‘Complete Poems mid 1984 – mid 1993 (haven’t completed edit mid 1984 – end 1985 (original))’.

File: ‘Headlines to the Heart and An Image, A Ghost, A Figure [by] Richard Kelly Tipping and Maze K. Turner’; Pothole Press, London, 1985.

Box 26

Folder 165

Literary Drafts – Extra Series – Poems:

File: ‘Headlines to the Heart. Richard Tipping, 1 January – 9 April 1985’, with cover logo for Tessa Sayle, Literary & Dramatic Agency of London.

File: ‘MS 1985/86 (Out)’.

File: ‘Politics & War Terrorism ’1985-86’.

Folder 166

Literary drafts – Extra series – Poems:

File: ‘New Poems – 1990’.

File: ‘Richard Kelly Tipping: New & Uncollected Poems 1967-90, draft manuscript prepared as part of the Poetry (Writing Project), Autumn 1990; 1966-68 Working Copy’.

File: ‘Family Fights & The Adelaide Poems, current ’1989-91: A Film of the Family’.

File: ‘Draft final publishable uncollected 1967-84, mid 1991’.

Folder 167

Literary drafts – Extra series – Poems:

File: ‘PoemNotes 1991/92/92 – 1991.

File: ‘PoemNotes 1991/92/92 – 1992, ‘Own Works to Consider’.

File: ‘PoemNotes 1991/92/92 – 1993.

File: ‘Uncollected Poems 1967-84. Master copy, finished manuscript draft 1991.

File: ‘I.M. B.W. 1992 – 1993: In Memory of Brett Whiteley’.

Folder 168

Literary drafts – Extra series – Poems and other materials:

File: ‘Drafts of Poems on Mackintosh 1994, and containing ‘Washing Up at Midnight: Poems by Richard Kelly Tipping’.

File: ‘Writing on Water critiques by Fellow Masters of Arts’.

File: ‘Master of Arts current file 1991. Own writing [Semester 1 1991]’.

File: ‘Italy 1984 – clippings to read & file’.

Folder 169

Photograph ‘CanbError’.

Folder 170

Photographs Australian Film Institute (AFI) Writers Awards 1987.


Unprocessed Boxes

This collection contains more material that has not yet been catalogued or processed.