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Manuscript Name Papers of Michael Denholm
Manuscript Number MSS 035
Last Updated July 2021
Extent 47 boxes + 3 oversize + 1 plan cabinet
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, articles, magazines and copies of published material

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

Collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, articles, magazines, and the manuscript of 'Small Press Publishing in Australia, the early 1970s'. Includes material on the career of Sir Robert Menzies and the manuscript of 'First Rights, a Decade of Island Magazine'

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Author, editor and curator Michael Denholm was born in 1951 in Hobart, Tasmania. He attended first the University of Tasmania then the University of New South Wales, completing a course in librarianship. In 1972 he authored a thesis on Prime Minister Lyons, and in 1979 co-founded the Tasmanian Review (later Island Magazine, then Island). Denholm was co-editor of the magazine until he moved to Canberra as curator of the Australian Special Research Collection at the Australian Defence Force Academy. His research and writing interests include art history, politicians and small press publishing


Austlit : Michael Denholm retrieved 21 April 2020


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Related Material

Further papers of Michael Denholm are held by the National Library of Australia at MS Acc03/​176

Separated Material

This collection originally included numerous publications, listed below. These works have been catalogued separately and added to the UNSW Library collection.

The Impossible Attainment by Dr Jim Cairns

Australian Labor Party Policy Speech - 1972

Liberal Achievement - 1949-1971

Communist China’s Objective

The Liberal Party of Australia : Its Origin, Organisation and Purpose

Two Souls of Socialism by Hal Draper

No War for Oil Monopolies : Hands off the Middle East by Rupert Lockwood

Draft Report on Publishing Industry

Arts Report - Tasmania 1989

Poems from a Peach Melba Hat by Shelton Lea

Foxybaby by Elizabeth Jolley

Strangers’ Country and Other Stories  by Geoffrey Dean

Costumes : Poems and Prose by Susan Hampton

Aspects of the Dying Process : Short Stories by Michael Wilding

Neighbours in a Thicket : Poems by David Malouf

Canada 1896-1921 : A National Transformed by Robert Craig Brown and Ramsay Cook

Around Circular Head by Pauline Buckby

It by Chris Aulich

The Short Story Embassy : a Novel by Michael Wilding

The New Australian Poetry by John Tranter

Political Essays by Hugh Stretton

The Polish Immigrant : Migrant Poems (1972-82) by Peter Skrzynecki

Ikons by George Papaellinas

Cross the Border by Robert Adamson


Subject Keywords



Publishers and publishing – Australia

Michael Denholm, 1951- - Archives

Personal Names

Michael Denholm, 1951-

Corporate Names

Island Magazine






Container List


Box 1

Folder 1


Photocopies of photos

Folder 2

‘A Noble Pursuit’

Folder 3


Folder 4

Newspaper clippings (1)

Folder 5

Newspaper clippings (2)

Folder 6

Newspaper clippings (3)


Box 2

Folder 7

Newspaper clippings (4)

Folder 8

Newspaper clippings (5)

Folder 9

Newspaper clippings (6)

Folder 10

Newspaper clippings (7)

Folder 11

Newspaper clippings (8)

Folder 12

Newspaper clippings (9)

Folder 13       

Newspaper clippings (10)

Folder 14

Newspaper clippings (11)

Folder 15

Newspaper clippings (12)


Box 3

Folder 16

Newspaper clippings

Folder 17

Newspaper clippings (1)

Folder 18       

Newspaper clippings (2)

Folder 19

Newspaper clippings (5)

Folder 20

Newspaper clippings (6)

Folder 21       

Newspaper clippings (9)

Folder 22

Newspaper clippings (14)

Folders 23-24

Newspaper clippings


Box 4

Folders 25-26

Newspaper clippings

Folder 27

Correspondence/articles publishers

Folder 28

Correspondence. Photos and postal cards

Folder 29

Correspondence. Poetry Society of Australia

Folder 30

Manuscript of ‘Little Magazines in Australia - A History and Guide’, handwritten copy

Folder 31

List ‘New Australian Writers’, handwritten copy


Box 5

Folder 32


Newspaper clippings

Folder 33


Newspaper clippings

Folder 34

‘A Noble Pursuit’

Small Press Publishers

Australian Council

Folder 35

Little Magazines

New Writings


Folders 36-37

‘Little Magazines in Australia, A History and Guide’

Folder 38

Handwritten - ‘Little Magazines’, articles/correspondence

Folder 39

Small press publishers - handwritten notes


Box 6

Folder 40

‘Little Magazines in Australia’, handwritten copy

Folder 41

Little Magazines in Australia’

Introductory essay

‘Small Press Publishing in Australia, a History and Guide’

Three issues Broadsheet Numbers 84, 85, 86

‘Feasting with Panthers’


‘Small Press Publishing in Australia’ - the early 1970s

Five issues Broadsheet Numbers 78, 80-83

Folder 42

‘Small Press Publishing in Australia’

Newspaper clippings

Folder 43


Folder 44

Newspaper clippings

Folder 45


Folder 46

B/w photographs

Folder 47


Contemporary Australia Writers poster


Box 7

Folders 48-54

Newspaper clippings


Box 8

Folders 55-58

Newspaper clippings

Folder 59

Interview D Hewett


Folder 60       

ASMA, details of members

Folders 61-62

Correspondence sent


Box 9

Folders 63-70

Files A-Z

Folder 71

Loose articles


Box 10

Folder 72

Comments on Australia Poetry

Small Publishers


Folder 73

Correspondence received

Folder 74

Newspaper clippings

Little Magazines

Currency Press

Folder 75

Articles, newspaper clippings, ‘Nero’

Folder 76

Angus & Robertson; Australian Council for the Arts

Folder 77

Reviews; Large Australian Publicating Firms

Folder 78

Tabloid Story

Folder 79

Wild & Woolley; articles


Box 11

Folder 80       

Little Magazine; newspaper clippings

Folder 81       

Correspondence received

Folders 82-86

Newspaper clippings


Box 12

Folder 87

Newspaper clippings

Folder 88

Small Publishing Firms - handwritten

Folder 89

‘A Noble Pursuit’ handwritten

Folder 90


Folder 91

Miscellaneous correspondence


Box 13

Folder 192

Computer printout


Box 14

Folder 93

Computer printout


Box 15

Folder 94

Computer printout


Box 16

Folder 95

Computer printout


Box 17

Folder 96       



Box 18

Folder 97



Box 19

Folder 98



Box 20

Folder 99



Box 21

Folder 100

File cards


Box 22

Folder 101

Age 1928, Argus 1928-1931

Folder 102

Argus 1932, 1933-1934

Folder 103

Argus 1935-1936; 1937-1938

Folder 104

Argus January-June 1939; July-December 1939

Folder 105

Argus January-June 1940

Folder 106

Argus July-December 1940

Folder 107

Argus January-June 1941; July-December 1941

Folder 108

Age 1949


Box 23

Folder 109

Public servants; business leaders of Menzies Era

Folder 110

Press - reign of Menzies

Private secretaries to Menzies

Index – Parliamentary debates, State and Commonwealth

Folder 111

Debates: 1930 Volume 182-184; 1931 Volume 185, 196; debates 1928, more debates

Folder 112


Notes - Menzies

Folder 113

Miscellaneous - lawyers, friends, persons of general interest, staff of Parliament, academics, relations, bankers, RSL

Folder 114

Papers: ‘The Forgotten People’

Menzies, Communist Party of Australia 1945-1963 - JD Blake

Gallipoli to Petrov, 1915-1955 – McQueen

Radical Politics - Sec WW Golders

Royal Commission on Espionage

Thesis and Mss career at Melbourne University

Folder 115

Liberal Party Members of Federal Parliament 1949-1966

Country Party Members of Federal Parliament 1949-1966

Democratic Labor Party

Labor Party Members of Parliament 1949-1966

Folder 116

Earle government - 1914-1916

Lyons - Tasmanian Politics 1921-1923

Lyons - Tasmanian Government 1923-1928

Ogilvie in Lyons Government 1923-1928


Box 24

Folder 117

Pamphlets and speeches Sir R Menzies

Folder 118

Liberal Party pamphlets

Folder 119

Federal Party election speeches

Communist Party pamphlets

Labor Party pamphlets

Folder 120

Mss - Lyons Government

Folder 121

Meanjin - 1949-1960

Quadrant - 1956-1965

Folder 122

Australian Quarterly 1949-1960

Overland 1955-1960

Folder 123

Correspondence - Steve Alomes

Correspondence regarding postgraduate matters and establishing a new journal, articles and correspondence regarding poetry readings



Box 25

Folder 124     

Newspaper clippings

Folder 125

Reviews; visual art in Hobart, David Keeling, John Berger Once in Europa, Hal Colebatch

Folder 126

Mss ‘First Rights’ Decade of Island Magazine

Folder 127

Opinion/comment - Tasmanian & ALP



File cards and newspaper clippings

Folder 128

The Little Magazine in the Twentieth Century in Australia



Folder 129


Postgraduate correspondence

Canberra conference

Various notes and correspondence

Folder 130

Work in Progress Seminar


Box 26

Folder 131

Correspondence X 2

Folder 132

Correspondence - replies; Gwen Harwood and other writers

Folder 133

‘Nine Tasmanian Writers’

Folder 134

New Yorker - 13 October 1980

6 cassette tapes:

  1. Nicole Johnson interview
  2. Jim McQueen interview
  3. Albie Thoms interview
  4. Garry Greenwood interview
  5. Cheryl Adamson interview
  6. Meccamix


Box 27

Folder 135

Newspapers: 1973-1974

Folders 136-137

Newspapers: 1974

Folder 138

Newspapers: 1975

Folder 139

Newspapers: 1974-1977


Box 28

Folders 140-142

Newspapers: 1975-1976

Folders 143-144     

Newspapers: 1976


Box 29

Folders 145-149

Newspapers: 1976-1977

Folder 150

Newspapers: 1978


Box 30

Folders 151-153

Newspapers: 1978

Folders 154-155

Newspapers: 1978-1979

Folder 156

Newspapers: 1979


Box 31

Folders 157-162

Newspapers: 1979-1980


Box 32

Folders 163-165

Newspapers: 1979-1980

Folders 166-167

Newspapers: 1980

Folder 168

Newspapers: 1980-1981


Box 33

Folders 169-173

Newspapers: 1980-1981

Folder 174

Newspapers: 1980-1982


Box 34

Folder 175

Newspapers: 1980-1983

Folder 176     

Newspapers: 1981

Folders 177-178

Newspapers: 1981-1982

Folder 179

Newspapers: 1982


Box 35

Folders 180-182

Newspapers: 1983

Folder 183

Newspapers: 1983-1984


Box 36

Folders 184-188

Newspapers: 1984


Box 37

Folders 189-192

Newspapers: 1984-85

Folder 193

Newspapers: 1985

Folder 194

Newspapers: 1985-86


Box 38

Folder 195

The Canberra Times review ‘Sophisticated Rebels’. Drafts, typed copy, printed review 24 September 1989

The Canberra Times review, also correspondence

‘Pre-Raphaelite in Love’, Gary Day. Draft, typed, printed 7 October 1989

The Heart of a Dog Bulgalov. Draft, typed copy

The Canberra Times review

A Question of Commitment S McKernan, analysis of book, draft, typed and printed copy 24 September 1989

Folder 196

The Canberra Times review Breathing Lessons, Tyler, draft, typed, printed

‘Two Lives and a Dream’ M Yourcenar, draft only

‘The Ghostic ??????', draft only

Tasmanian Writers Union Newsletter 1989

Correspondence from Andrew Sant

News copy on Lohrey defamation case

Correspondence to and from Tom Thompson

Correspondence with John McLaren and Peter Spearritt regarding publications

Folder 197

Application to the visual Arts/Craft Board for funding of Art Review

Correspondence from Geoff Parr in support of Tasmanian Arts application, plus other material

Application to the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board regarding Art Review

Folder 198

Correspondence from Helen Daniel regarding The Good Reading Guide

Draft and typed version of entries

Draft and typed version of Island in the Stream : Myths of Place in Australian Culture

Material for column in Arts Monthly Australia, including correspondence with Peter Townsend

Clippings on Biennale 1990

Address list for launching of First Rights and other sundry notes

Draft and typed version of article on Mandy Martin, including correspondence to publications

Folder 199

Postcards from Mandy Martin, photocopies of articles about her plus notes and lecture by Terence Maloon

Correspondence from Paul Carter, draft and typed version of review of James Mollison’s A Singular Vision : The Art of Fred Williams


Box 39

Folder 200

Draft and typed version of review of The New Diversity, Australian Fiction 1970-88

Notes from Andrew Sant and Michael Roe, draft of Michael Roe’s speech at launch of First Rights, Hobart

Report by Sandra Forbes on a National Plan for the promotion of Australian literature PLR pamphlet

Folder 201

Transcript of interview with Mandy Martin

Corrected typed version of a review of Company of Images

Folder 202

Audio cassette - Interview with Mandy Martin

Folder 203

Transcript and corrected version of interview with Mandy Martin

Correspondence from Geoff Page

Draft and typed copy of letter from Canberra for Tasmanian Writers

Union newsletter

Folder 204

Correspondence with editor Editions

Review Outsider Art in Australia plus letter from David Brooks

Article on and correspondence from Louise Hearman, plus related material

Correspondence with editor Art and Australia

Folder 205

Review of Dorothy Hewett bibliography

Writers Against Nuclear Arms - assorted material, nuclear ships visit

Correspondence to Mercury regarding Art Gallery and Library in Tasmania

Folder 206

Letter to Mr Connolly MP and other correspondence

Application for position of Community Literature Officer for Tasmania plus earlier reports

Application for post-graduate research

Sundry correspondence, including references for John Nairn and Sarah Day

Folder 207

Reply to M. Roe 'Challenges to Aust. Identity'

Review of David Marr’s Barwick



Box 40

Folder 208

Correspondence from Steve Alomes

Article on Democratic Rights in Australia

Correspondence from Michael Wilding

Draft and typed version of article on lack of status of editors, sundry related material and general material on publishing, also Word Fest ‘89

Folder 209

Australian Library Promotions Council plastic bag

Copies of photos of Australian Literary editors

Copy of photo of Lyons Tasmanian Labor Government

Copy of Tasmanian political cartoon, 1920s

Panegyric for Malcolm McRae

Folder 210

Drafts and typed copies of 5 columns for Art Monthly Australia, including information on Biennale

M Denholm’s reply to letter from G Levitus in Art Monthly Australia

Folder 211

Correspondence regarding WANA (Writers Against Nuclear Arms)

Folder 212

Correspondence to James Gleeson

Draft of article on Art and Politics

Drafts and catalogue for exhibition by Helen Wright

Correspondence with International Biographical Centre

Correspondence regarding Art Monthly Australia


Box 41

Folder 213

Correspondence regarding Blast magazine, including typed review of M Yourcenar’s ‘Two Lives and a Dream’

Correspondence with and Newsletters of Tasmanian Writers’ Union

Drafts and typed copy of review of Beverley Farmer’s A Body of Water

Correspondence with Jean Paul Delamotte

Photographs of Delamotte, Frank Moorhouse, M Denholm

Correspondence with Donald Horne, Bernard Smith and Alison Carroll

Folder 214

Article and relevant information about a decision by Australia Post regarding Australian Literary magazines

Correspondence and material regarding the action of Australia Post

Sundry material on peace and disarmament

Newspaper clippings on Art and Photographic exhibition

Participants in Editing in Australia - A Conference

Folder 215

Background information on little magazines and small presses
Folder 216

Newspaper clippings on little magazines, small press, Island Magazine and publishing and literature generally

Folder 217

Printout of Small Press Publishing in Australia Vol.II.


Box 42

Folder 218

Printout of Small Press Publishing in Australia Vol. II

Folder 219

Correspondence regarding manuscript of ‘A Colonial Country’

Correspondence with Professor Roe, Judy Brett and Joe Camilleri

Folder 220

Seminar papers regarding Bob Menzies

Comments by Michael Roe, Geoffrey Serle and Richard Ely on thesis

Correspondence from Stephen Alomes, correspondence from University on position and draft material regarding ASIO

Folder 221

Typed version of chapter of ‘A Colonial Country’

Letters, reports, correspondence with publishers regarding ‘A Colonial Country’

Humphrey McQueen’s ANZAAS paper ‘The Spanish Influenza Pandemic in Australia 1918-19’

Theses held in Department of History 1972

Notes, handwritten alterations to thesis

Notes by Stephen Edgar

Folder 222

Notes by Michael Roe on thesis

Thesis footnotes

University of Tasmania

Background material on US connection
Folder 223

Copies of press photographs of Menzies and related material

Footnotes to thesis 244-705

Short bibliography


Box 43

Folder 224

Handwritten version of ‘The Legacy of Sir Robert Menzies’

Folder 225

‘Menzies and the 1970’s’

Folder 226

Handwritten version of ‘Menzies and the 1970’s’ in 4 parts

Folder 227

Typed copy of ‘Legacy of R Menzies’ additions and extensive notations by Martin Harris


Box 44

Folder 228

Typed version of ‘The Legacy of Sir Robert Menzies’, notes by Stephen Alomes

Folder 229

Card system for research on Lyons Tasmanian Labor Government and Menzies

Folder 230

Typed version of ‘The Legacy of Sir R Menzies’


Box 45

Folders 231-233

Typed version of ‘A Colonial Country’. Footnotes, extensive additions

Folders 234-235

Computer printout of ‘A Colonial Country’


Box 46

Folder 236

Computer printout of ‘A Colonial Country’

Folder 237

Computer printout of ‘A Colonial Country’ (p192)

Folders 238-239

Computer printout of ‘A Colonial Country’

Folder 240

Computer printout of a section of ‘A Colonial Country’

Folder 241

Computer printout of ‘Australia a Too Dependent Country’


Box 47

Folder 242

Typed version of ‘A Colonial Country’ with notes by Martin Harris

Folder 243

Typed version of ‘A Colonial Country’

Folder 244

Typed version of ‘A Colonial Country’ as submitted

Folder 245

Political badges



Folio 1

Australian Feminist Newspapers - No. 1, December 1975, No. 6 December 1976 and January 1977

‘Mad Vibe’ Rae Desmond Jones, limited edition (poster style)

Folio 2

‘The Small Publishers’ galley

Folio 3 [rolled]

Posters (28 in total):

                        Three Tasmanians in Print - 1985

                        Australian Etching 1978

                        Women and Labour - 1978

                        Writers and the Environment

                        Literary Events of the Year - (2 copies)

                        Looking Back Towards the Future

                        Poems of Land and Life

                        Roger Kemp 1978

                        Waldo Bien 1987

                        Readings from Byzantium

                        Flags of Australia

                        Waterfront music Festival (2 copies)

                        Keep Uranium Underground

                        Waldo Bien 1988


                        Tower - Chameleon newsletter

Adelaide Festival of Arts Forum

Adelaide Festival of Arts Writers Week

                        Robert Mapplethorpe

                        Writers and Musicians for Wilderness

                        Salamanca Arts Festival

Folio 4

Poster of Peter Fuller function, photographs

The Australian Literary Calendar 1989


Map Cabinet

Drawer 8


Menzies Dead - The Australian, 16 May 1978 (Printed and published by Nationwide News , 2 Holt St, Sydney)


Menzies Dies at 83 - The Sun, Tuesday 16 May 1978


Unprocessed Boxes

This collection contains an additional 42 boxes that have not yet been catalogued or processed