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Manuscript Name Papers of Geoffrey Eggleston
Manuscript Number MSS 195
Last Updated June 2021
Extent 4 boxes + 2 oversize + 1 AV
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Manuscripts and drafts of poems and prose pieces, correspondence, newspaper clippings, festival materials, small press items, video tapes, cassette tapes, and assorted pieces relating to Geoffrey Eggleston

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

The papers of poet Geoffrey Eggleston contain his correspondence and poetry drafts along with newspaper clippings, audiovisual material and miscellaneous papers relating to the Montsalvat Poetry Festival, which Eggleston organised

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

Geoffrey Eggleston was born in 1944 in Springvale, Victoria. As well as being prominent in the performance poetry scene, he was the original organiser of the Montsalvat Poetry Festival in Eltham, Victoria and co-editor of the Whole Earth Sun-Moon Review from 1973

Austlit : Geoffrey Eggleston retrieved 4 September 2020


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This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

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Papers of Geoffrey Eggleston, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 195, Box [Number], Folder [Number].


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Separated Material

This collection originally included a number of publications, listed at the foot of this finding aid, which were separated and sent to the Academy Library


Subject Keywords



Goeffrey Eggleston, 1944-2008 — Archives

Australian poetry — 20th century

Performance poetry

Festivals — Victoria

Personal Names

Geoffrey Eggleston, 1944-2008

Corporate Names

Montsalvat Poetry Festival



Festival directors


Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

Newspaper clipping about Montsalvat and postcard

Folder 2

Page proofs of ‘To Her for Pentacles’

Handwritten and typewritten, annotated miscellaneous poetry

Folder 3

Correspondence from Kris Hemensley

Roneoed articles for ‘The Merri Creek, or Nero’

Folder 4

Eggleston biographical note

Montsalvat 1990 program

‘Cheap Eats in Melbourne’ 1986

Copies of ‘Street Poetry’

Photocopy of ‘The Soldier’s Tale’

Folder 5

‘Newsletter’ June 1987 - Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West

Correspondence from A D Hope, Bob Brissenden, Geoff Page, Terry Gillmore, Richard Tipping - 1982-89

Photocopy of ‘Whole Earth (Sun/Moon) Review’ No. 1. [Paul Smith]

Folder 6

Montsalvat Festival material, 1989

Folder 7

Miscellaneous papers relating to Montsalvat Festival, Friendly Street Poets and various poetry readings

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

Folder 8

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings including articles on Montsalvat Poetry Festival, 1983

Photocopy of Neucleus, vol. 37, no. 8 November 1983

Folder 9

Typewritten copy of ‘Vietnam Legacy’ by Phil Niklaus

Miscellaneous papers including material for Montsalvat Poetry Festival, 1989, Poetry Readings around Melbourne

Photocopy of ‘Vomit’ by Eric Beach

Newspaper clippings regarding La Mama


Box 2

Folder 9a

Newspaper clippings, photocopies of which are held in folders 1, 7, 8 and 9

Folder 10

Carbon copy typewritten short story by Alan Marshall, ‘The Art of Mitcham Skipper

Handwritten and typewritten, annotated poetry by Mal Morgan, Billy Jones, Domenico De Clario

Miscellaneous papers and newspaper clippings including articles on Ern Malley

Photocopy of ‘New Age’, June 1980

Folder 11

‘Melbourne International Festival of the Arts’,13-29 September 1990

Newspaper clippings

Folder 12

Photocopy of ‘The Poetry Library of the Arts Council of Great Britain’, 1973

Poetry on Paper Review

Newspaper clippings

Folder 13

Handwritten and typewritten, annotated notes and poetry, including poetry by Barry Skinner

A folio of drawings by Roger Janes titled ‘Looking Around the Room’

Folder 14

Page proofs of ‘These Halycon Days’

Program ‘1990 Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival’

Folder 15

Typewritten, annotated and corrected page proofs of ‘These Halycon Days’

Folder 16

Draft correspondence to Robert Swan

Newspaper clippings



Box 3

Folder 17


Letters for the period, 22 September 1981 – 12 April 1993, with undated letters, probably 1980s to early 1990s

Folder 18

Research materials

‘Background Material: Define the Days’, consisting of newspaper articles, notes, venue and festival information, for example Montsalvat, mainly early 1990s

Folder 19

Literary drafts

‘Radna + Khrishna New Love Song Old Theme: 1st, 2nd and Third Drafts’; typed and handwritten notes with some annotations, early 1990s

Folder 20

Literary drafts

‘Butterflys, Balloons and Circuses: a Niddrie Story, two versions with annotations

‘Chris Moller 16 July 1943 – 25 June 1993’

‘Sam Angelico Interviewed by Geoff Eggleston, Rankins Lane, Melbourne 1993’, 28 pages prefaced with explanatory note

‘“Looking Round the Room”: A folio of drawings by Roger Janes’, with letter dated 8 January 1997, and undated postcard included

Folder 21

Literary drafts

‘Love Poems’: large collection of various drafts/versions of poems with annotations

Folder 22

Literary drafts

Small collection of various drafts/versions of poems with annotations, some of which are dated 1990-1993


Box 4

Folder 23

Literary drafts

Untitled draft manuscript with drafts/versions of poems, pages 13-52, prefaced with list of poems from 1 to 41

Folder 24

Literary drafts

‘The [Iola? Iota?] of [Prana?], 2nd proof version, pages 1-10, handwritten with annotations

Folder 25

Literary drafts

‘Myra’s Reading: To celebrate the spirit of the late Myra Skipper’s support for artists’: draft notes, papers, some of which are dated 1994

Folder 26


‘Montsalvat National Poetry Festival’, 4-6 December 1992 program

‘Your History Mate: The work of a community museum in Melbourne’s western suburbs’, poster with explanatory note

Tony Woods, In Conversation, Melbourne, 1988, 1992, with explanatory ‘Bio Note’;

Jon Weaving, And the Winner Is…: The Alan Marshall Short Story Award, Black Pepper, North Fitzroy, 1997, with note by Geoffrey Eggleston inside front cover


Audiovisual material

Box 5

2 VHS video cassette tapes - Montsalvat Poetry Festival (MPF) 1987

16 audio cassette tapes:

10th Anniversary Christmas Hills Festival, Easter Sunday & Monday, tape 1;

Cafe Jammia 25 Nov, tape 2

John Jenkins, Kim Bessant, and friends ‘Waiting for Manana’, tape 3;

MPF 16/10/81 tape 4;

MPF 16/10/81 tape 5;

MPF 16/10/81 tape 6;

MPF 17/10/81 tape 7;

MPF 18/10/81 tape 9;

MPF 18/10/81 tape 10;

MPF 1984(?). December 3, tape 11;

MPF 1984, tape 12;


‘Sam Angelico’, ‘Sam A’ and ‘Sam A’ [Sam Angelico Tapes]


Oversize material

Folio 1

Hand bills, design collection, news articles


Map Drawer 2

1 poster of 1977 Poet’s Festival at Montsalvat


Published items sent to Academy Library


Street Poetry (about November 1983)

Fitzroy ‘3’

Writing 5, September 1987

Open Door 5

Going Down Swinging 5, Sprint 1982

‘Since Since’ by Pete Spence - lit.ed. No. 83

‘Afflatus’ Lindsay Clements

‘Poems for Shelton Lea’ Michael Sharkey 19/40

9.2.5 - No. 2

Vision No. 27, 1972

‘Yarn, Rave and Red Herring’ Gregory B Shortis (this copy signed by author)

Bull’s Eye 1984

Australian Poetry Annual 1920

‘Dementia’ Simon Macdonald


See Page 207

Shades No. 2 1983

Image Vol. 6, No. 1 March 1983

Words and Visions 12 March 1983 (front cover annotated and signed)

‘Small Poppies’ Melbourne University Magazine of Literature 1986

Robert Solay ‘Dreaming’ - Fling Vol. 3, No. 2 December 1983 - signed

‘Sketches’ Fling Vol. 2 No. 2 October 1982

Fling, Vol. 2 Nos. 3-4 March 1983

Post Modern Writing 3

Compass Vol. 5 No. 3

Bush Telegraph August/September 1977

Neucleus Vol. 37, No. 8, 8 November 1983

Towards the Millenium, Brian C Hare - annotated on front cover

‘February in Sydney’ Yusef Komunyakaa

‘All the Blues Thats Fit T’Sing’ David Pepperell

The Cringe No. 1, 1987

Poetry Library of the Arts Council of Great Britain, 5th Edition 1973

‘Rogue Trooper’ Comic Book 1989

New Age, June 1980

Star Beach - comic

‘Ockers’ by Pi O

‘To God: from the Weary Nations’ by Fernleigh Maurice

‘Poems’ from the Rochester Castle

‘Australian Poetry Now’ edited by Themes W Shapcott

Diafan 4, July 1966

Fitzroy Poems by Pi O

Overland No. 41 Winter 1969

Blowing Out the Candles, Autumn 1989

Australian Letters Vol. 8 No. 1 January 1968

Off the Record by Pi O

...But Where Do You Get Your Ideas From? A resource book for writing groups

Pie anthology edited by Paul Smith

Migrant 7 No. 4

Dimension by Bruce Dawe