Quantum light source using coherent control

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Quantum information technology exploits quantum phenomena to create new devices in computation, communication, and metrology. Quantum state of light (or a photon) is a promising information career because of the relative easiness of creations and manipulations of photons, and direct applications to communication. Photonic-based quantum information technologies have been intensely investigated and extremely successful. In order to develop the technology further to a practical level, it is desired to implement large-scale and/or complicated photonic systems by creating and networking repeatable and scalable small quantum devices.

This project aims to analyse, design and develop photonic small devices using coherent feedback control. Coherent feedback control is a method to feedback-control quantum systems without measurements (quantum fields are directly fed-back to the quantum systems). Coherent control is a promising approach to create a novel quantum device/architecture which has distinctive features from the existing devices. The device to be developed in this project is a quantum optical amplifier (or a squeezer) using coherent feedback control. Coherent feedback technique enables the simplified and integrated systems involving multiple amplifiers, with potential extensions to such as quantum teleportation and quantum non-demolition gate on an integrated system.

This project is a part of the program in ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, and will be conducted in collaboration with multiple Centre researchers.


Dr Hidehiro Yonezawa h.yonezawa@unsw.edu.au