The Second Sir James Rowland Air Power Seminar


Lecture Theatre 7, Lecture Theatre North,
Australian Defence Force Academy,
Northcott Drive, Campbell ACT

9.00am to 3.00pm

"The Influence of Technology on Air Power: Historic and Contemporary Perspectives"

This seminar series honours the contributions of Air Marshal Sir James Rowland, the first engineering officer to serve as Chief of the Air Staff (1976-79) and a major contributor to Australian thinking on the strategic use of air power. The specific aim of the seminars is a broadened understanding of the origins, evolution, application and depiction of air power in the national interest.

The seminar brings together air power practitioners and academics, and wider Service, governmental and industry parties interested in the utility of air power. Some of the themes to be explored include: The Strategic Dimension of Air Power in Securing the Nation; Future Force Structures; Emerging Air Power Threats; the Ethics of Air Power; Air Force Culture and the Application of Air Power; Technology and the Evolution of Air Power; the Navy, the Army and Air Power; Space and Cyber Power; the Dynamics of Developing Air Power Doctrine.

0900 Welcome
0905 Technology: the only strategic edge? AIRCDRE Anthony Forestier
0915-0950 Looking Beyond the Planned Air Force: Planning for Disruption WGCDR Travis Hallen SQNDLR Michael Spencer
0950-1025 Technology: The Mainstay of Air Power Adjunct Professor Sanu Kainikara
Morning Tea
1045-1120 'A flying machine for military purposes': Military aviation in the British dominions before the First World War Dr Michael Molkentin
1120-1155 Operational irrelevance or organisational failure? Anti-G suits in the RAAF, 1940-54 Dr Peter Hobbins MPHA
1155-1215 Critical commentary Dr Ross Mahoney
1300-1335 Coding for Combat: The new force multiplier CAPT Jacob Choi
1335-1410 We don't need no education': The RAAF and the tyranny of training Professor Tom Frame
1410-1445 The importance of STEM Education to the future of Air Force SQNLDR Marija Jovanovich
1445-1500 Critical conclusions AIRCDRE Mark Lax (Rtd)

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