Research Environment

UNSW Canberra as a faculty of UNSW is host to many researchers with a consistently high-quality research output; we have a solid track record of producing and publishing high-quality research outputs. Being a GO8 university, UNSW is highly ranked internationally for being research intensive and for its research environment. As a faculty of UNSW, UNSW Canberra seeks to contribute to the ranking by fostering an excellent research environment..  

UNSW Canberra has well developed international collaborations and continues to build new and long lasting partnerships with leading global universities.

In addition, we provide a very conducive environment in which to study military matters. For example, we have some of the leading military historians in the country and the best military history and defence studies academic research library in the Southern Hemisphere.

Recent strategic initiatives include Space Engineering, and Logistics.

UNSW Canberra benefits from world-class mechanical end electronic workshops that support advanced research projects by the STEM disciplines.

The four schools at the UNSW Canberra (Business; Engineering and Information Technology; Science; and Humanities) conduct active research programs in the following areas of UNSW research themes:

  • advanced diagnostics
  • advanced laser spectroscopy
  • advanced materials science
  • air traffic management
  • applied ethics and leadership
  • astrophysics and optics
  • Australian literature
  • bioinformatics
  • complex adaptive systems
  • control theory
  • cyber security
  • defence and security applications
  • decision making analysis
  • environmental modelling and engineering
  • geographic information systems
  • human resource management and employment relations
  • hypersonics
  • image and video processing
  • impact and dynamics
  • institution building in fragile states
  • intelligent systems
  • international and non-traditional security
  • leadership and management
  • logistics
  • management of performance enhancement in sport
  • military history
  • photonic quantum information technologies
  • physical oceanography
  • public policy and public management
  • space engineering
  • strategic and international studies
  • unmanned aerial vehicles