RAN Helicopter Flight in Vietnam Seminar

RAN Helicopter Flight in Vietnam Seminar

Fleet Air Arm Museum,
489A Albatross Rd, Nowra Hill,
Nowra NSW 2540


The second Naval Studies Group seminar marking the 50th anniversary of RAN involvement in the Vietnam War will be the RAN Helicopter Flight in Vietnam. The seminar will be held in the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Nowra from 1300 – 1715 on Monday 16 October, as part of the RAN HFV reunion.

The Seminar will focus on the flying operations of the HFV and of those who flew in Vietnam with No. 9 Squadron RAAF. It will also examine the challenges of operating in an unfamiliar environment in wartime. Importantly, the Seminar will consider the experiences of the families waiting at home and of the HFV members’ readjustment to life after their tours in Vietnam. Speakers will include Australian and US aircrew and ground crew veterans of the Vietnam War

Time: 1300 - 1715

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Time Topic Speaker
1300 – 1305 Introduction and Welcome CDRE Jack McCaffrie (Rtd)
1305 – 1315 Keynote Address CDRE Chris Smallhorn
1315 – 1335 Preparing to Deploy

PO John Macartney (Rtd)

LCDR Jeff Dalgliesh (Rtd)

1335 – 1355 Flying With the US Army CMDR Max Speedy (Rtd)
1355 – 1415 Flying With the RAAF LCDR Geoff Vidal (Rtd)
1415 – 1430 Q and A 
1430 – 1450 Afternoon Tea 
1450 – 1510 HFV – A US Army View LCDR Fred Dunaway (Rtd)
1510 – 1530 Leading The Push

CDRE David Farthing (Rtd)

RADM Neil Ralph (Rtd)

1530 – 1550 Keeping Them Airborne PO Bill Barlow (Rtd)
1550 – 1605 Q and A 
1605 – 1625 The Families Back Home Mrs Cynthea Ryan
1625 – 1645 The Legacy – Adjusting to Peace CMDR Guy Cooper (Rtd)
1645 – 1715 Q and A Open Forum 

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Further information: 

University of New South Wales Canberra (UNSW)
Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society (ACSACS)
Email: events@adfa.edu.au | Mob: 0466 562 533