Peter O'Keefe

Visiting Fellow
Honorary Associate Lecturer

Peter O'Keefe is an academic in the School of Business at UNSW Canberra.

Professional Experience and Research Interests

Peter O’Keefe joined the School of Business in July 2010 from the ANU where he lectured in International Human Resource Management, Leadership and Innovation. His research interests are around the intersection of human resource practices and innovation in global research and development organisations.

Peter holds a range of tertiary qualifications in areas including, Telecommunications Engineering, Adult Education, Business and a Masters in Human Resource Management.

Prior to joining academia in 2006 he worked as the General Manager Human Resources for CSIRO Australia.

PhD Project

Title: How do people management (HR) practices support creativity and innovation in leading research and development organisations

Supervisor: Professor Michael O'Donnell

Co-supervisor: Saskia de Klerk


Journal articles
Benson J; Brown M; Glennie M; O'Donnell M; O'Keefe P, 2018, 'The generational “exchange” rate: How generations convert career development satisfaction into organisational commitment or neglect of work', Human Resource Management Journal, vol. 28, pp. 524 - 539,
Kwon S; O'Donnell M; Glennie MG; O'keefe P, 2011, 'Privatisation and 'Light-Handed' Regulations: Sydney Airport', Economic and Labour Relations Review, vol. 22, pp. 65 - 80,
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