Senior Lecturer Mehera San Roque

Senior Lecturer
+61 2 9385 2244


UNSW Kensington

Law Building

Room 213


Mehera San Roque joined the Faculty of Law in 2002, having previously taught at the University of Sydney. She is currently the Director of JD Studies and an elected member of UNSW's Academic Board. In the Law Faculty she currently teaches Evidence (Court Process, Evidence and Proof), Introducing Law and Justice, Legal Writing In Context and an elective on Expert Evidence. She also teaches Law for Psychologists 2 and Law, Psychology, Expertise and Forensic Science for the School of Psychology.   Her research interests include Evidence, Feminist Legal Theory, Law and visual/popular culture and surveillance studies, and she has a particular interest in cross-disciplinary collaborations. She is a Chief Investigator on an ARC funded multidisciplinary and international project examining the participation of deaf citizens as jurors, working with linguists, NSW Legal Aid, interpreters and colleagues from Interpreting and Transation Studies. With colleagues in law, forensic science, psychology and medicine, she is involved in research on identification evidence and technologies in criminal trials, and she is also working on a new project with colleagues at Griffith University looking at the incorporation of 'outside' knowledge into judicial decision making. Previous projects have examined the effective presentation of expert psychological and psychiatric evidence in the refugee determination process, the valuation of domestic care and services in private law, and similar fact evidence as part of involvement in the Australian Feminist Judgments Project (