Professor Greg Austin

Professor of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy
School of Engineering and Information Technology
UNSW Canberra Cyber

Dr Austin is a Professor in the University of New South Wales (Canberra).  He concurrently serves as Senior Fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, where he leads the program on Cyber, Space and Future Conflict.  He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research and a member of the National Standing Committee on Digital Trade. He is co-founder of the Social Cyber Institute.  

He has a career of achievement in international security affairs, including:

  • seven university appointments in world class universities or departments in the UK and Australia
  • six books on Asian security affairs (five are on China), each with a strong interdisciplinary focus
  • two additional edited volumes on cyber security policies (national cyber emergencies and cyber security education)  
  • co-editor of an edited volume on energy security 
  • current research interests in cyber strategy and diplomacy, security policies of China and Russia, maritime China, countering violent extremism, and national security ethics
  • research leadership posts in leading NGOs or think tanks
  • recognition by students and peers for his high quality teaching and mentoring
  • international consultations with business and government
  • regular invitations to speak in prominent international forums
  • posts in Australian security policy as Ministerial adviser, parliamentary committee secretary, international intelligence liaison officer and intelligence analyst  
  • work assignments in London, Brussels, Washington DC, Hong Kong. Singapore and Canberra
  •  fieldwork in or other professional visits to China, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Turkey
  • research leadership roles in globally prominent NGOs, including as Vice President of the EastWest Institute and Asia Program Director in the International Crisis Group, and head of the Program on Cyber, Space and Future Conflict at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.


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Book Chapters

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Journal articles

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